The Braxtons~ Reunion Special

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 16 June 2011 at 1:52 am

Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Episode 3: Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

Episode 4: Lupus.org

Episode 5: Vodka & a Pickle

Episode 6: 1 for All & All for the Album

Episode 7: Happy Birthday Ms. Evelyn & Fight

Episode 8: Appreciate What Now?

Episode 9: DMV-isit

Episode 10: Papa Don’t Preach

I’m not hating, but can someone please tell me why Wendy Williams, of all people, got chosen to host the reunion? Was Perez Hilton or La La not available? Oh wait… they do VH1 and MTV… this is WE…okay.Never mind. I had to ask.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #SingTheSongAnnaMae

Okay…. these people have money ( supposedly) and the ONLY person who is allowed to have wig issues will be Toni. Everyone else will be on my wig list! Okay, why is Wendy’swig jacked?! Mama Evelyn’s hair looks fresh but I never have a problem with her hair. Towanda’s hair is fresh and Trina’s hair is just barely making the list. I always want to pull Traci off camera and try to fix her wig just a little bit. Wait…. as they pan the audience i notice that Kim “Poprah” Kearney is sitting in the audience. She was a contestant on I Want to Work for Diddy on season 1 and she came back for season 2. I swear that is her… but anyway……

This recap of who has the shortest temper and Tamar’s unregistered websites is too much for me to recap. I do, however, laughed at the “that tasted like ass crack.com”.  Wait, so did Tamar just say ” I work hard to look like this. Its not cheap to look like this” all in the same damn breath? How hard is it to lift your husband’s black card? That wasnt apart of Kanye’s workout plan.

WOWZERS!!! I fell like Trina’s boos are about to fall out of this dress!!!! She must have some of that Tina Knowles double sided tape in full effect. Because honey!!! I sense a wardrobe malfunction in our near future.

I am proud of how Trina stepped up and admitted to how bad her drinking was at one point. I think that is a huge step in the right direction. How did I miss it when Trina said ” a sipping Christian is a slipping Christian”?!!!!!!! I’m using that one.

I am about 10 mins ( minus commercials) into this reunion show and all I can think of is…. they arent telling me anything new. I mean, usually the reunion show tells us stuff that we were unaware of during the regular episodes. Ummm.. I just feel like they are snipping in small recaps we’ve already seen.

Wait… Toni got FOUR record deals for her sisters?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ummm… so what in the world are they complaining about? Sitch ungrateful.net ass down somewhere!

Okay, so there was a “Who’s your fan favorite” poll… I didnt know about it. I would pic Trina….point blank. But…they picked Tamar.  Okay… so she got to wear this boyshorts and blazer outfit. I mean, it is cute…. but I wonder what Vincent had to say about it.

And they hit the wig comment. Oh lawd I wish I could have submitted a question. I mean theyr wigs arent always on point. Either make the wig look right or dont wear it at all!. bwahahahaha SHe said the cop ” damn near said ‘SayCheese'”.hahahahaha Wait… Toni said that she has over 100 wigs!!!! I knwo who to rob next.

hahahahaha!  Wendy asked Trina if she has ever had a threesome. Trina says, “Now , Wendy…. I cant tell you in front of my mother. If my mother wasnt sitting right there I would tell you yes, but since she is sitting here…..with that being said I cant answer the question.” hahahaha So, Toni has sense declined to pose in Playboy.

Okay, I just need Vincent to close his mouth when the camera is going to be on him. BWahahahahaha I think that Tamar is a trip. She said, ” I dont share my ding-a-ling”. And then Trina told Tamar, ” You are not my Dr.Schol’s, you dont know my comfort.”  hahahahaha Mama Evelyn said that she might win a “snow man” since she has been going out with the “snow flakes”.  Has Vincent gained weight since the end of the season stopped filming?

HOLD THE HELL UP!!! Who’s little boy is that up on the top row in the audience right after the Vincent vs Tamar slideshow? IS this really a show that kids should be watching when based on the topics? I mean, there isnothing too scandalous, but this is still about adult situations.

Sidebar: It is 1:41am and I am trying to catch up on these shows for you all. I really should be asleep.

Ummmmm… dont write with a pen what you could write with a pencil?  Ummmm Traci… boo, you lost me and the rest of America. You tried too hard boo. Just ignore the rest of these questions. Wait…. did Traci just walk off the stage and then came back 20 mins later after Tamar said that she lives in “Nutbush” Maryland.

Okay, so it ended with theirfather and that the relationship has not changed. I dont feel like I learned anything new…. but I am happy that they are coming back for a second season. I’m too sleepy to proof read this… hope you enjoy.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


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  2. […] HE RAPED ME!). But, I knew that I would want to come home and get some rest after blogging about The Braxtons  and Sinbad so I called and asked if we could reschedule. I was respectable. But as the day went […]

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