SYTYCD S:8~ Starter Up!

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Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Episode 2: Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA )

Episode 3: HELL WEEK

Episode 4: Top 20 or Bust!

Episode 5: Starter Up!

I know, I know, I know!! I’m a day behind. I had a press conference to attend for my B. Smith’s B.Talented competition yesterday so I couldn’t blog directly after. I promise to do better!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #SYTYCD ?

I am in love with this little black dress that Cat Deeley opened the show with. JUST GORGEOUS!!!! She looks like an innocent rocker chick! Ca—ute!

The dancers are introduced: Ashley, Alexander, Caitlynn, Chris, Clarice, Jess, Iveta, Marko, Jordan, Nick, Melanie, Ricky, Miranda, Robert, Missy, Tadd, Ryan, Wadi, Sasha. And just in case you missed it… Mitchell was not in the line-up because he injured his elbow after his first rehearsal and the doctors advised him to hit this one out. Unfortunately, that means that he is automatically up for elimination tomorrow because he cannot perform. But anyone who puts him up to be eliminated is a punk biiiiiish! Yep, I said it. I’m sure he would have danced with an injury if the doctors hadn’t told him to sit it out so this isnt his fault. Critique those who can dance.

And they also introduced a camera gone awry by showing behind the scenes and nothing at all right before they announced Sasha. lol.I wonder who wont have a job tomorrow. lol. And Cat Deeley’s dance where she was “just giving it a little something” was too funny. Honey.. go to one of these rehearsals and get some rhythm. lol.

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Megan Mullally are the judges for the night. Megan has been on Will and Grace in her role of Karen Walker ( LOVED HER!) and many more roles that we love, is the guest judge and has a background in ballet. Who knew?

Jordan Casanova, the Beyoncé Nasty Girl dancer, is up first.  In the few seconds given we find out that :

  • She just turned 19 ( Happy Birthday)
  • She wants to be a Pussycat Doll ( Cue Robin Antin)
  • She can Howl like her dog ( I swear I didn’t make this up!)
  • She loves food and her favorite color is blue

Jordan will be paired to dance with b-boy, Tadd Gadduang. We found out that Tadd is :

  • 25 years old
  • He played a dancing taco in a movie
  • Almost died in a Bollywood movie
  • Thought he was caucasian growing up ( The name Tadd is ethnically androgynous…though the last name is NOT)
  • Cannot ride a bike
  • and World Peace

Together, Jordan & Tadd will be dancing African Jazz choreographed by Sean Cheesman. Sean, the choreographer said that the piece will be inspired by the lava of a volcano. Ummm.. come again? I’m sorry for my ignorance, but if I saw lava coming towardsme, the only thing I would be inspired to do would be run. Hence, why I probably wouldn’t have choreographed this piece. lol. Cant wait to see what it looks like. Wait, did I just see Tadd jump , feet first, on to Jordan’s back? Yeh, now I’ve just GOT to see this. Dancing to Afro Celt Sound System‘s Riding the Waves they hit the ground running! The opening is amazing!!!!! WOW!!! The leg handstand switch that she did… just unbelievable! I forgot to write while I was watching! Sean did an amazing job and they did wonderful opening the show! What a great birthday gift to Jordan. If you wish to vote for them you can call 1-888-TEMP-01 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 1 to 83676.

Sasha Mallory, one of the Mallory sisters, :

  • Is 23 years of age
  • Forgets her age some times
  • Likes purple
  • And ran out of time….bwhahahahaha

Sasha will be paired with contemporary dancer, Alexander Fost. Alexander:

  • Is 20-Years-old
  • Lives in Alhambra, CA
  • Speaks Spanish

This week, Sasha & Alexander will be performing a contemporary routine crafted by Travis Wall. The theme behind the dance is that Alexander’s conscience is coming back. He’s obviously done some things in a past relationship and it has come back to tear him to shreds the way that Sasha’s character was torn to shreds by his actions. Now, this “Alexander getting hit” montage is freaking hilarious! They performed the dance to Sarah McLachlan’s Stupid, the Mark Bell mix. The opening with Sasha peeking over Alexander’s shoulder sets the mood for the theme of the piece.  AMAZING!!!! There was a twirl that landed Sasha on the ground and Alexander does this move where he pushes he head away from him. BRILLIANT!!! I have chills, people… chills! *rewind* These jumps are phenomenal! Sasha does this angled leap where her left leg ends up over his right shoulder and her right leg is under his left armpit and they twirl….just breath-taking! *rewind* That’s what this piece should be called… *Rewind* because you just have to watch it again. Their faces are so in the moment. There unison is impeccable. And the story of the fight is soooooo painfully beautiful. Unfortunately, I don’t get that she is his conscience, but I do get that he hurt her and now she is turning the tables. DANG!!!! The ending…. I want to be like Sasha and Alexander when I grow up!1-888-TEMP-02 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 2 to 83676.

Next up is

  • Clarice Ordaz is:
  • 19-years-old
  • Her eyes change color
  • And she is shy, but not shy

Clarice has been partnered with Jess LeProtto. Pause: His leap in his intro looked as if his hips dislocated! Phenomenal! Jess is:

  • 18-years-old
  • Jersey Boy
  • Loves Broadway
  • Likes to sing and dance
  • Makes funny Noises

Clarice and Jess will be performing a Broadway routine choreographed by Tyce Diorio.  hahahahahahahahah The butt smack that Clarice does to Jess is hilarious! And even Cat says that she “thinks we have our first crush of Season 8” with Jess crushing on Clarice. Sooooo cute. How PERFECT for them to greet the crowd with Liza Minnelli’s Me and My Baby! The first thing you notice if Clarice’s outstanding outfit! I need to hit the gym. WOW!!! The pirouette that Jess did that looked like it should have been done by an ice skater on ice. But their technique is beautiful in this routine! I LOVE IT! And I agree with Nigel when he said that the vaudeville-broadway style pours out of Jess’ blood. 1-888-TEMP-03 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 3 to 83676.

Ryan Ramirez is:

  • 19-years-old
  • A Sagittarius
  • Obsessed with Law & Order SVU (  LMAO! They wrote “wrong network)
  • Very, very, very, funky white girl ( I think that’s what she said)
  • Loves Mexican food

Ryan has been paired with contemporary dancer Ricky.Ricky Jaime is:

  • 19-years-old
  • Florida Native
  • Stopped cheering and started dancing
  • Loves dancing

Ryan and Ricky will perform a Lyrical Hip Hop routine choreographed by Christopher Scott of LXD. I GET A CHILL IN MY GUT EVERY TIME I HEAR LXD! To say I am a fan is an understatement. Chris says that this is a love story where Ricky imagines that Ryan is there but she isn’t. If they do this correctly… Chris’ choreography is always phenomenal. Awwww, Ricky said, “It’s not hard for me to pretend that I am in love with Ryan; she’s beautiful.” The tempo pops out of the television speakers to the rhythm of a high hat snare combo as Ryan and Ricky begin to move to Lighthouse Family’s Aint No Sunshine. How befitting for the theme of this routine. I mean, already you can see the LXD flare as only their arms move. I do, however, want Ryan to work more on her upper torso isolations. And I am trying, for the life of me, to understand why she has a smile on her face. It threw me for a loop on the rewind. I guess I am left because just the style of Hip Hop, alone, it is seldom that you ever see smiling. It is too gritty to smile.This outine seems more Ricky heavy and Ryan’s walk aways or transitions are poorly executed or seems out-of-place. I could be wrong… but it brought a disconnect. And YES!!!! Nigel attacked her facial expressions. I knew I wasnt going crazy.1-888-TEMP-04 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 4 to 83676.

Caitlynn Lawson is:

  • 18-years-old
  • Small Town Girl
  • A Senior in High School
  • First year of college is completed
  • Favorite color is Green
  • Excited to be here

Caitlynn will be performing with contemporary dancer Mitchell Kelly. Mitchell is:

  • 20-years-old
  • Loves to dance
  • Allergic to onions
  • Loves Chocolate
  • Loves childhood moves
  • Favorite color is orange

Caitlynn and Mitchell will perform a Sanya Tayeh routine in the style of Jazz. Sanya says that the routine is based on the idea of what we can accomplish without fear. They will need confidence, aggression, fire and fight. UGH! I swear the universe is speaking to me right now! I wrote in my B.Talented~So You Think You Can Spit blog entry that the competition I am now a part of would be “more of a competition between my fears and my dreams”. This dance, before they even get to hit the stage… is already speaking to me. Sanya is going to effect me the same way that a Mia Michael’s piece is able to reach the center of my core. I LOVE IT! I am paying attention.  Bwahahahahaha Mitchell said, ” If you have an ugly partner….whew…. I feel sorry for you.” bwahahahaha. But, as we found out earlier…. Mitchell has hurt his elbow and will be replaced in the routine by Season 7’s Robert.  La Roux’s In For The Kill  (Skillrex’s Let’s Get Ravey remix) appears to be a great choice for the overall theme of this routine. But, then again… when have we known Sanya to not pull out some of the best music for the show? WOWZERS (<~Can’t you tell that is one of my fav words) The leap, split, on to the back pirouette was beautiful. It was delicate yet edgy. Sanya is just a genius at masculine femininity; the ugly beauty of dance. She can make you look at something and love the terrible of its reality. I think that is simply a gift from whatever god you pray to.1-888-TEMP-05 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 5 to 83676.

Miranda Maleski is:

  • 19-years-old
  • From Pittsburgh, PA
  • Still sleeps with a nightlight
  • Loves her family
  • And she likes spicy food

Miranda will be paired up with Robert Taylor Junior. Robert is:

  • A.k.a the Wooo Man
  • From Brookyn, NY
  • Loves to cook fried chicken
  • Gamer
  • Wrestling fan
  • Loves dogs and cats

Miranda and Robert will perform a Jive routine to Bruno Mars’ Runaway Baby choreographed by Jason Gilkinson. The theme of the dance is the age-old story of a guy wanting a girl who is totally out of his league but tries anyway. The outfits, from the jump, are right up Bruno Mars’ alley and I havent even seen them move yet. Just wonderful! My first critique would be for Robert to watch his mouth and not to mouth the words unless it is a part of the routine.  As I watch it, the story is somewhat lost because they are together so much, so it almost seems like he CAN get the girl. But I guess it has to deal with the style of the Jive that you must be in close proximity to one another. Di Robert just pull out a MJ move in the middle?  My ONLY problem with Robert is that he broadcasts his hottest moves before he does them. He could stand a little more technique… but all in all… it was a good routine. I am just happy that he caught her at the end. I mean, he was one inch away from her face landing in his crotch region and risking the show’s family image…lol. Mary’s version of the “woooooo”… ummm *side eye* ummmm.. yeh.Megan said that Robert is her “top 20 crush”.1-888-TEMP-06 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 6 to 83676.

Missy Morelli

  • Loves Yoga
  • Loves Lipstick
  • Loves Eating
  • Talks in a Jamaican accent
  • Wants to marry an Australian
  • Loves her family

Missy will be paired with b-boy/Hip Hop dancer, Wadi Jones. Wadi is:

  • 24-years-old
  • Born in Jamaica
  • Love Japanese culture
  • Wants to inspire

Missy and Wadi will be performing to Lady Gaga’s Judas (Rehab Remix) in a Jazz routine choreographed by Sean Cheesman. The concept of this routine is that Pandora’s box has just been opened and what is revealed is the demon clones of themselves. Sean says that he wants sexy demons….lol. hahahaha Wadi accidentally grabbed Missy’s boob…hahahaha I swear this show is full of accidental comedy!  The red-lit boxes on stage just screams anti-angelic. Okay, first off I think I was trying to pay too much attention to them both at the same time in their individual boxes. I caught a few off beat movements, some movements that didn’t match, and then I spotted the foot kick to the back of the heel that Travis Wall used earlier in Sasha and Alexander’s routine… ummmm choreographers, it’s becoming a bit cliché! Just saying….don’t shoot the messenger. I hate to say this, and people may get upset with me…. but this routine is moving a tad bit too slowly for me. It is almost as if they are counting in their heads and waiting for the setup of the next move. Now I am a Wadi fan…. so I have to be honest about his performance and not sugar coat it. The routine didnt get hot for me until the epileptic light flashing part towards the end. Man, I hope they dont end up in the bottom 3 tomorrow. Ummm, I can’t agree with Nigel. He said that this was Sean Cheesman’s best work ever. Ummm, NOT! But then again, I’m not a professional, but I am a part of the voting public. Just saying, again.  Snap! Just saw Professor Bryce in the audience!1-888-TEMP-07 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 7 to 83676.

Melanie Moore is:

  • 19-years-old
  • Southern Belle
  • Likes cookies
  • Collects Nail Polish
  • Use to wear a helmet because she was narcoleptic
  • Really wants to be on Ellen

Melanie will be partnered with marko Germar. Marko is:

  • 22-years-old
  • Guamanian
  • Likes to eat….a lot
  • And his voice sounds like he is sick.. but he is not.

Did he just fall backwards out of the chair?

Melanie and Marko will be performing to  Ingrid Michaelson’s Turn to Stone in a Contemporary piece designed by Travis Wall. The theme is that they are two statues that come to life at night and the goal is for them to come together as one statute, one piece of art. I must say, the opening picture of the two of them on stage is breath-taking. The look like real statues before a note is even played. THIS is EMMY AWARD WINNING right here. Yep… I said it….. and I guess now I can take the DVR off of pause and actually watch the dance, huh? But this picture could be ripped right off the screen and put in a frame as a work of art. Them being all covered in white with white Greek inspired clothing is just beautiful. Okay… shutting up and pressing play. Wow, during the first lift, Melanie was so stiff and did not move a muscle, even when he placed her down she was statue like. And once on the ground he dropped her arm and it was almost frightening, as if i were watching a real statue come to life. AMAZING!!!!! The way the lighting change, the tempo picked up and they exploded into movement as if they were not grafted by marble or any other stone! The dancers’ technique is unmistakably brilliant, the choreography is impeccable, and the collision between the two is live art. And the ending pose…* Screams “Sexual Chocolate” & drops mic, like in Coming to America*

The judges just gave them both a standing ovation along with the rest of the crowd. I, too, have NOTHING, bad to say about this routine. Even Nigel said this could be the first Emmy nominated routine of the season. I told you so! *Sticks out tongue*.1-888-TEMP-08 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 8 to 83676.

 Ashley Rich is:

  • 22-years-old
  • Eats Waffles
  • Loves  peanut butter toast, with BBQ chips and orange soda
  • Favorite color is magenta
  • She loves Hot Pink Uggs
  • and she has swag

Ashley will be partnered with Chris Koehl. Chris is:

  •  21-years-old
  • Texan
  • 1 of 7 kids
  • Loves Ice cream
  • Loves Biking
  • Loves Movies
  • Hangs out with friends

Ashley and Chris will perform a Christopher Scott’s Hip Hop routine. The theme is that they are a couple who finds out that they are cheating on each other. Strangely enough…. Ashley reminds me of Comfort in this rehearsal footage. What? I’m just saying. Aren’t I allowed to have an opinion? Chris actually has a genuine moment during rehearsals where he recalls a moment in his life where he actually was cheated on. I hope that he is able to channel in that energy and make it pop on stage….and what better way to do that than to perform to Cee Lo Green’s infamous Forget You (generously titled for PG friendly audiences….I’ll hum the original version, thank you very much).  Okay, bare stage… nothing, zip, zilch, nada. And then they walk on from either side of the stage with “I Cant Stay Faithful” paraphernalia. I think that the opening could have started just a liiiiiiiitle bit sooner than it did. And once it did, oh boy! The foot work…..There was no Justin, No J.C. Chasez in sight. In other words, it was not in sync. And some of the transitions were not all that cohesive. WAIT!!! Did they just do the wheel chair move that Nigel did during the Auditions?  And I was so busy trying to wonder what the name of the dance was that I didn’t look at the rest of the dance. But I did notice that they were late to get to one another at the end. Oh snap, the name of the dance is called the Cat Daddy!1-888-TEMP-09 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 9 to 83676.

Iveta Luskoslute is:

  • 30-years-old
  • A New Yorker
  • Lithuanian
  • Wanted a monkey but it is illegal in NY
  • Hot for dance

Iveta will be paired with tap dancer, Nick Young. Nick is:

  • hahahahahah Nick didn’t get much out other than his name and that he has a fun personality.

 Iveta and Nick will close out the night for us with a Ballroom routine choreographed by Jason Gilkinson in the style of a Quick Step. Wait….what was the theme of this routine? Is there not one? Why the table? Hello, Jason, I like to know these things before I give a critique! Okay, what I do know is that they will be performing to Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz.  I love Nick’s carriage. For this to be new to him, his frame doesn’t seem to be wavering much. I love Iveta’s look. She looks as if she could fit beautifully into the 1920s. The song, however, with its screaming “It’s the ballroom blitz” was a bit distracting to me. But… it is what it is.1-888-TEMP-10 (1-888-836-7601) or TEXT 10 to 83676.

Well… that was it for tonight. America tune in and vote. Then tune in tomorrow for the first results show of the season.


Here are your TOP 20 Dancers of SYTYCD Season 8!!!!!!!!!

Top 10 Males:

  1. Ricky Jamie
  2. Chris Cole
  3. Wadi Jones
  4. Tadd Gadduang
  5. Robert Taylor Jr.
  6. Marko Germar
  7. Jess Leprotto
  8. Nick Young
  9. Mitchell Kelly
  10. Alexander Fost


Top 10 Female Dancers:

  1. Miranda Maleski
  2. Melanie Moore
  3. Sasha Mallory
  4. Iveta Lukosiute
  5. Clarice Ordaz
  6. Jordan Casanova
  7. Missy Morelli
  8. Caitlynn Lawson
  9. Ashley Rich
  10. Ryan Ramirez


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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