SYTYCD S:8~ America Has Spoken 1

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Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Episode 2: Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA )

Episode 3: HELL WEEK

Episode 4: Top 20 or Bust!

Episode 5: Starter Up!

Episode 6L America Has Spoken 1

I am front and center preparing to watch a phenomenal show! I think I heard Keri Hilson is supposed to be on the show tonight? Yeh… let’s get the show on the road

 Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #SYTYCD ?

As I prepare my DVR for tonight’s show, I noticed that I still have my favorite clips from Season 4 saved. I wonder when I will delete them. Scenes like, Josh dancing to Mario’s Boom! with a Frankenstein theme, tWitch and Katy doing the breakup routine with the door, tWitch dancing the bed scene routine birthed from the genius of Mia Michaels, and many more are just SOME of my favorite highlights from that season. I even have LL Cool J executing the iconic Season 4 shoulder gesture. Just priceless! I think they can stay on my DVR…they’re not hurting anyone. Besides, I’m proud that I still have them.

Oh yeh… Season 8…..lol.

The entire team, in all black, open up to M.I.A’s XR2!!!!! PHENOMENAL!!! I must tell you that I want the costumes that the girls have on because they are classy, avant guard, and yet sexy. And, it was brilliant for them to put Sasha front and center.  I am in LOVE with this routine. Now… who choreographed this~>?! I am typing in real-time. And I must say that if I had better words to type to you while my eyes are on the screen as my fingers move, I promise I would be more articulate… but this is all that I have! I mean… even the mime-like spring bounce at the conclusion of the routine was on point!SANYA TAYEH!!!! I should have known that dance had “her” written all over it and I was illiterate in the face of its brilliance.

I am however shocked by the somewhat disheveled look of Megan Mullally tonight. And Nigel is discussing National Dance Day which is July 30th. They are placing 3 dances online and everyone will be able to do flash mobs all across the world.  I will partake in it this year. Last year I went down to the National Mall here in D.C. and got to see Nigel. Fab! WAIT! There is a Lady Gaga world premiere tonight? Okay… I’m awake.

I just hate how I am watching it in real-time and can’t fast forward through commercials…lol


Remember that Mitchell couldnt dance last night and is automatically up for elimination.

Up come our first 3 couples to hear their fate. Melanie & Marko, they danced last night to a Travis Wall contemporary routine. Nigel even mentioned that this could be the first Emmy nominated routine. And…. America agreed because they were safe. Missy and Wadi, they danced to a Sean Cheesman Jazz routine.  The judges were on fire about them. They were pretty impressive. And America kept them safe!Iveta and Nick, performed a Jason Gilkinson Quick Step routine. They too…. were on fire. And Iveta and Nick are safe as well!

 The second group is up. Ashley and Chris performed a Christopher Scott Hip Hop routine and Jordan and Tadd did the Sean Cheesman African Jazz routine last night.  The first couple in the bottom 3 is Jordan and Tadd….. WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, is it because their routine was black? lmbo! j/k. What are these people thinking.Caitlynn danced to a Sanya Tayeh Jazz routine. Remember Mitchell Kelly was supposed to dance with her but Season 7 Robert jumped in. Clarice and Jess put on a hell of a show with a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine, but America put them in the bottom 3.

Here with Loose Control is Keri Hilson. I am watching one of Keri’s dancers on the right side of the screen, up front on the floor, and all I can think is… ummm honey, you can’t dance. You do know that this is SYTYCD, right. I mean, these backup dancers are doing some of the simplest dance moves… that is almost an insult to the show that they are on. That is like an artist going on American Idol and lip syncing. I know I am supposed to focus on Keri… but this is not a vocal show… just know that these weak @$$ dancers behind her are blowing me. They all look tired and they just got to the second chorus.  There wasnt much technique, there was wobbly unison sections… and just overall horrible choreography. BUT…. Keri sounded wonderful. And I swear Cat just called her Kelly Hilson and then corrected herself and said Keri. Just saying…. I heard you.

Okay, back to the couples. Ryan and Ricky performed a Christopher Scott Lyrical Hip Hop routine and America gave them permission to perform another week. Miranda and Robert performed a Jason Gilkinson Jive. Sasha and Alexander danced a Travis Wall contemporary piece last night… and I don’t know what America will think… but I will STOP watching this show if they get put up for elimination. America says that Miranda and Robert must dance for their lives and the dance gods heard my silent prayers and saved Sasha and Alexander.

Now it is time for a special guest.  Gennadi Saveliev, the co-founder of Youth America Grand Prix which is the world’s largest student ballet scholarship program, will be performing to the Yuri Silantievs Orchestra’s Go Pak . Cat even said that this is how the GoPak was supposed to be done. As I watch this… I can only go back to Season 4 where Josh and tWitch did a similar routine in the finale. Wow… that was a short routine.

Mitchell is performing his solo performance to John Mayer’s Say. How perfect for him to perform to this song as the lyrics tell him to say what he needs to say without saying it, but rather say it by letting his choreography do it for him.  Jordan steps up to perform to Nadia Oh’s Hot Like Wow, and I must say that I am not all that impressed by her choreography. It is saturated with her leg extension/pirouette combo, but at what point will her own stuff pull away from a burlesque type feel and execute something different? I mean, it is hot like usual, but it didn’t scream “I am dancing for my life”.  Up next is Tadd dancing to the Brian…..Orchestra’s Jump Jive and Wail. BWAHAHAHAH!!! Tadd’s movement and the end made me die laughing! Clarice hits the stage performing to Christina Aguilera’s Glam.  I swear I almost saw a wardrobe malfunction!!!! I don’t know if I would have chosen that song, but then again… I’m not dancing for my life. Jess hits the stage with a Robbie William’s version of Bo Jangles. Dont let that little man fool you…he has leaps for days. However, I wouldn’t have used up valuable seconds standing still to milk the crowd. Miranda performs to Leona Lewis’ powerful voice in First Time I Ever Saw Your Face; superb choice!!! As the crowd “woooos” for Robert, he hits the stage to Omarion’s Electric. I must be honest, I had never heard of this song before, just like I am not all that impressed by Robert’s outfit or choreography.

Flashback…. Lady Gaga makes her TV debut on Season 4 of SYTYCD. And Fast Forward…. Lady Gaga has agreed to come back later in the season and will be a guest judge. is that fair? I know she dances, but..umm… never mind. World premiere of Lady Gaga’s new video The Edge of Glory. I know this is off topic… but I never noticed that her nose was so slim. Also, this breast focusing top is distracting me. Okay, I know that a ton of Lady Gaga fans are going to attack me for saying this… but I am NOT impressed with this video; it doesnt go with the song. Is that how she is on the edge? Maybe the budget was low and she thought that doing an 80’s version of a video would be hot.  Again… I could have missed this premiere. Shoot me if you want… I think that Lady Gaga can do better and has DONE better than this. I love her work but am not a fan of this weak video. And scene.

Back to the dancers.

Mitchell, Tadd, Jess, and Robert are on stage when Nigel asks for Mitchell and Robert to dance again. This has never been done before!!!  I am trying to figure out if Robert did the same choreography… I cannot tell. Mitchell ‘s music starts again and you have to take in all that is the fabulous-ness of his choreography. Now… I am a fan of Robert’s like anyone else is, but IF it came down to the two of them, I would pic Mitchell to stay.

Jordan, Clarice, and step on the stage. Jordan steps up for her critique first.  Nigel mentions that it is a shame that she is in the bottom 3. I agree, but she must step away just from her sex appeal and exercise more of her moves. Clarice is a great dancer and she shouldnt be in the bottom either. Miranda is last to step up for her critique when Nigel calls the guys on stage. I have a feeling that NO ONE is going home. At least I can pray that, right? Nigel says that Jess is magnificent and he shouldnt be in the bottom. Nigel mentions that Tadd is wonderful as well.  Nigel says that Robert has a huge personality and …Wait!  I CALLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nigel isn’t letting anyone go home this week!!! I CALLED IT!!!!!!!!! *stands in my house and jumps up and down*~ But.. I know he will say this… two couples will go home next week. Yep… I CALLED IT AGAIN!!! I am ecstatic!!! Thanks Nigel!

Here are your TOP 20 Dancers of SYTYCD Season 8!!!!!!!!!

Top 10 Males:

  1. Ricky Jamie
  2. Chris Cole
  3. Wadi Jones
  4. Tadd Gadduang
  5. Robert Taylor Jr.
  6. Marko Germar
  7. Jess Leprotto
  8. Nick Young
  9. Mitchell Kelly
  10. Alexander Fost


Top 10 Female Dancers:

  1. Miranda Maleski
  2. Melanie Moore
  3. Sasha Mallory
  4. Iveta Lukosiute
  5. Clarice Ordaz
  6. Jordan Casanova
  7. Missy Morelli
  8. Caitlynn Lawson
  9. Ashley Rich
  10. Ryan Ramirez


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. I loved Megan’s disheveled look. She looked Great!. Needed more shots of her, less of Nigel!

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