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P90X (Take 2)~Day 11 Yoga X

In P90X Journey on 14 June 2011 at 12:38 pm

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If you remember NOTHING else about my blog… please know that I HATE YOGA! I cant get down with it, my mind doesnt do silence. I hate, I hate it, I EAT, PRAY, LOVE to hate it kind of hate it! I will never be her finding peace with it… I just cant do it. Nope….. no meditation, no clearing of the mind…. IT SUCKS ASS!

I turned on the radio and muted Tony Horton just so I caould get through 45 minutes of it. It was the suckiest 45 minutes of my life. I couldnt finish the rest of it. I have no clue why I dislike it so much. Maybe because I know that at 30 minutes, I still have an hour left. Maybe it is mental mind play. SOOOOO what I plan on doing next week is doing 45 in the morning and 45 in the evening just to make sure that I can make it through. Does that work? As long as I work out for 45 minutes at a time isnt that great? Or do I have to suffer for 1.5hrs at a time? Please, someone, anyone… HELP ME!

This disc will be the death of me. Can I substitute? I cant do it. I’ll quit the entire program if someone says that I have to do the yoga x dvd. I’ll go into downward dog and let all the blood rush to my head until I pass out if yuo make me do it. I swear I will. I’ll be the first person to die from death by chattarunga….or whatever the hell it is called. Vinyasa is like a cuss word now. I find myself yelling at people as I drive “Get the VINYASA out of my way you VINYASA head!!!” It is highly effective yet counter peaceful as i think the move was intended.

Also, I am finding that I am barely having time to exercise so I apologize if the blog version of my struggles are a few days later. I will try my hardest to stay on top of things. But I thank you for reading.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


P90X (Take 2)~Day 10 SA, ABX

In P90X Journey on 14 June 2011 at 12:29 pm

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Perfect! I went to the slam last night and I put in the work. Great time, tons of fun and not much else to tell. I have a ton to do today that I dont want to do, but this workout must get done before I head otu to this show.


WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, so…. I went in and started the Shoulders and Arms work out with the AB Ripper X and I worked it out to the fullest. I think I eveb felt a burn. BUT! At the end, something inside of me said… hey you, why dont you go and finish the last few minutes of Plyometrics that you didnt finish yesterday. SOOOOOOO I did. I turned on the disc and rewound it a little just to get my momentum going and then it happened. I straight busted my ass, my ego, and my knee.

Now, those of you who are familiar with Plyo know that there is the segment on there that has the whole ” jumping the lake/river” part in it, right? Well. I was working out in the basement on my area rug which sits on TILE and I took a leap that landed me on the edge of the carpet with enough speed and force that caused the aera rug to slide and I went down with it. Yeh….. retarded, yes, I know! But it hurt like hell. So much so that I didnt even try to cry because I was afraid the movement would hurt. Nothing hurt more than knowing my cell was in another room, my roomate was out of town, I was downstairs in the basement with the alarm on and no one could hear me cry as I laid on the cold floor. lol. Sounds funny now,but trust me when I tell you that it was not at the time.

So yeh, there is my… I damn near killed myself story with Plyo. But anywho…

Here is my Shoulders and Arms Workout

Alternating Shoulder Presses……Round 1_15__ Round 2 _15__

In & Out Bicep Curls……Round 1_16__ Round 2_16__

Two-Arm Ticep Kickbacks……Round 1_12__ Round 2_12__

Deep Swimmer’s Presses……Round 1_12__ Round 2_12__

Full Supination Concentration Curls……Round 1_15__ Round 2_15__

Chair Dips……Round 1_20__ Round 2_22__

Upright Row……Round 1_15__ Round 2_15__

Static Arm Curls……Round 1_16__ Round 2_16__

Flip Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks (sets)……Round 1_8__ Round 2_9__

Two Angle Shoulder Flys……Round 1_16__ Round 2_16__

Crouching Cohen Curls……Round 1_12__ Round 2_12__

Lying-Down Tricep Extention……Round 1_16__ Round 2_16__

*Bonus Round*

In & Out Straight-Arm Shoulder Flys……Round 1___ Round 2___

Congdon Curls……Round 1___ Round 2___

Side Tri-Rises……Round 1___ Round 2___


Here is my Ab Ripper X Workout: 25 of each…supposedly

#in ( ) indicate the number I had to pause on to complete my reps

  1. In & Outs……..  25_ 
  2. Bicycle………. 25
  3. Reverse Bicycle………. 25
  4. Crunchy Frog………. 25 (11)
  5. Cross Legged/Wide Legged Sit-Ups……… 25 (11,15)
  6. Phieffer Scissors………. 25 (14) (straight leg)
  7. Hip Rock & Raise………. 25 (12,20, Hip pain! Ouch)
  8. Heel to the Heavens………. 25(Lower back and right hip OUCH. Stretched and it didnt hurt as much)
  9. V-up/Roll Up Combo………. 25 (14, V-up but no roll up.)
  10. Oblique V- Up………. 25  (each side)
  11. Leg Climb………. 17   each leg (Flat leg)
  12. Mason Twist………. 25 each side (feet flat on the floor) 


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


P90X (Take 2)~Day 9 Plyometrics

In P90X Journey on 14 June 2011 at 12:05 pm

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I am tired beyond tired and I just want to go to sleep. I have sooo much to do tonight, like hosting a poetry slam from 11pm to 1am. I just want to scream. But the inside of me is sitting here yelling… FAT BITCH YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO WORKOUT TODAY!!!. Yes, My inner fat bitch is trying so hard to get me to stop working out. She even made me forget to bring my lunch to work today and I set everything aside yesterday night. Just wrong! She wants me to be fat forever but I am not having it! So, I am going to cry on the metro home… but I am going to switch into my workout clothes and then I will work out. After that I will take a nap and then get up to host the show. Yes, I know I could be more productive but I dont think you guys understand how little sleep I can get in a day.


Today is plyometrics……. I think I almost died last time I did this. So, if I dont write tomorrow…. come to my funeral in your P90X t-shirts.

 Okay, so I got home and I was POOPED! But I got in 45 minutes of Plyo before I had to take a nap. I had to host a show from 11-1am. But I did get it in. Proud of my self! SOrry there wasnt much more to write about. I mean…. I could if you wanted to hear about the poetry slam, my comedic wit, and overall good looks! lol.



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


Basketball Wives S:3~ AND FIGHT!

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Episode 1: Jump-offs Return, Season 3

Episode 2: Telephone Game

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

All I know is that Suzie is still teetering in the middle of mess and that she shouldnt have offered up the 4th penis in Evelyn’s request for Royce to suck 3. And I cant wait for the fight. They should let people fight!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

Awwwwww. Royce can look like a little girl at times. I mean a skirt would have made her look just a little more mature. But this is cool too.

WOW!!! SHaunie’s children have gotten so big! And the fact that Evelyn wants twin boys…. *side eye* I mean you are just trying to snag Chad. I mean… shouldnt you be on Football Bitches instead of Basketball Wives?

Shit! I want to go to one of Royce’s POOOOOOOll….DAYUM!!! Brian!!! I mean, hotttttt dayum! He is fine like no boy’s bidness [yes, bidness]! WAIT!!!! Did Royce just tell her friends that just because her 6th month of not having intercourse rule hasnt ended with Brian doesnt mean that there isnt any “servicing”? ummmm…. I dont know which makes you more of a freak….sleeping within 6 months or going down on people.

I am SOOOOOOOO creeped out by Chad being with Evelyn!!!! I still cant take it in right now.  Wait… did Chad just act shocked when Evelyn said that she is now 35? Was he playing or was he playing? It looked real. Aren’t you bitches engaged? And I swear if they name these boys Pepe & Estevon…. I’m joking on these kids hourly!

Okay, I hate Meeka so much. Trick, shut up and keep your mouth closed and you wont have to worry about people making stuff up about you. I say that because…..Yes, there are people who will make things up… but you talk so damn much that you cant remember what you said.

Yes, Royce, you did SOOOO MUCH BETTER on Brian. And Brian is such a gentleman!!! He bought her a new dog!!!! Soooo adorable!!! And he has a sense of humor!!! Fresh! He’s a keeper, boo!

I am still getting creeped out by this whole invetro procedure. And did she just say that the doctor can seperate the boys from the girls? Oh snap! I might have to get married and then go do invetro to get my 2 boys and 1 girl and then take my female insides out. lmao! That way I can get EXACTLY what I want and be done.

I’m so fed up! I mean they act like these females are the only ones who are friends in the area. I dont have to like these females. Once I’m done… I’m done. I almost fast forwarded this but I am watching it real time and not on my DVR.

I really like Suzie’s dress that she has on while walking with Royce to hash out this drama. Did Royce say that she’ll pic up a brick?

Bwahahahaha Chad said that Evelyn could miss a meal or two. LMAO!!! And Chad said he wont lie to her. He will tell her ” bitch, you’re getting big” . hhahahahha I love his sense of humor. Can someone explain something for me…… why are they giving semen samples and they are not even married yet?This is straight up, all for television! Wait…. Chad asked if the Dr. had lotion so that he could give a sample! lmao! lol. YUCK! Just the thought of Evelyn getting Chad off… yuck! Him.. yes, her doing it… no.  But the sound effect of a spring as the door closes is hilarious.

And did Royce just say that she would want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth….. yeh, Meeka does look like a horse.

Royce looks just like her dad. Robert Reed spit her out his damn self. I would change what I think if I saw her mom. I love how her dad is digging into her. He is giving great advice. GO IN , DAD! I know how Royce feels, but her dad is telling her some good advice.

*REWIND* Okay this is the part I missed. I hate how they are already talking shit about her before they even see Royce. And Jennifer, get out of your feelings about Eric. I mean, really…. you just need to quit. Royce can speak with Eric if she wants. As long as they are not fucking then that isall good. And Scene…. with your insecure ass.  And this fight… they didnt want to hit anyone for real. I would have got up like I was faking to leave and then circled around and clocked a hoe. But that is just me.

DAYUM!!!! I was on the phone with my Que ( Omega Man) and straight up turned around with Royce with her butt in the air!!!! I will have to rewind and find out what the hell just went down. I mean, I know the gist but I want detail! Because I dont think that a single punch landed.

Yes, Black women acting an ass in a restuarant. I mean…. really. Security had to jump in? Come on. I say that if someone throws a glass.. I think that they should finish the fight until one of them falls out. Point blank period.  *Sigh* It wasnt all that they hyped it up to be.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*!~


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

Single Ladies~ “Southern” Cuisine

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Episode 1: Table for 1

Episode 2: Beginning of the End

Episode 3: “Southern” Cuisine

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Okay…. it should have better acting 3 episodes in, right?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #PeachtreeStreetDivas

Ummm…. Why is Val taking advice from April? And can someone please tell me why Lisa Raye’s weave looks like she walked into a Tyler Perry Film? You know how their hair does.

WOW!!! Malcolm just snuck up on Keisha and the girls after not calling her after their one night stand?Ummmmmm…. what is up with the shirt that Keisha has on? The top is cute, the undershirt is beautiful…. but together? Ummmmmm…..And this writing. I think that the acting could be better if the writing were deeper. And then he [Malcolm] had enough nerve to go back to the table with another female!!!!!!!!!! Oh she [Keisha] is bullshitting herself. Girl you know you are phased by Malcolm.

And then they mentioned www.NecoleBitchie.com ! I want them to mention my blog too!

Keisha and this whole real estate license story line is off the chain. I dont know if I believe it.

DARRIN HENSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear this man gets finer with age.  And his character is Blake, the chef……sexy.

Who is this Mac Miller, the wanna be rapper trying to run game on April? Okay, so APril works for a record company? The CD cover said… KIDS…. is it a real group?

Umm.. Christiana has a British accent and she is going to be the other member of this wonderful cast. She is the new intern who snagged a position at Val’s boutique.

I love how Chili [TLC] keeps making guest appearances. Is she a co-producer or something? Is there really a Millionaires of Atlanta dinner? Umm… how come I didnt know about it before now?

bwahahahahaha. I love how April dipped so that Blake could tell the story about how he became achef. And sexy how he walked behind Val to show her how to chop. And how short is Darrin? He seems to be two split ends taller than Stacey.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Rick FOX!!!!!!!!Get it, Rick- Fox *hand gesture from The Game* Umm… really? Did Alex, the white guy who walked over to CHili just say he knows she likes big “packages”? HAHAHAHA! They even fed into what she said on her show. Dayum Rick Fox can get it! He gets better looking with age, too! DO they make all Canadians like him? I’m going back to Ottawa. I LOVE the actor that is playing Malcolm’s father. The suave matches; like father, like son! FYI: Malcolm is my favorite actor on the show, he is the most believable.

NO VAL!!! Back up off of Blake! You just met him!!! I know it is just a kiss… but make him work for it.  Man, I LOVE Rick Fox with facial hair. Wait… did Rick Fox think that Keisha was a hoe and put $5k in the palm of her hand to meet him at his hotel? I mean damn. If that were me and my bills had to be paid. I might have to take the $10k and freak a sexy man…. lmao! Pardon my morals, but my bills need to stay paid. What? Val is about to give it up to a chef for free.

Now, remind me to shop at Val’s store so that I can get a tab! This chick just straight up played you, boo. Damn, who is the cute guy sitting on the couch in the record label’s boss’ office? He is HOT! And why do I have a feeling that April will skip her marriage counseling session just to show off Mac Miller to her boss at the record label.

Christiana taking pics of the rich chick who wouldnt pay her tab was hilarious! I need her on my team.

And this marriage counseling session is boooooooooooooooooring and fake. And then the way that the record boss skipped over her being able to A&R the project… just a shame.

Why in the world do guys know about the 90 day rules? Women,just do it and not advertise it. They are talking TOOOOOOOO DAYUM MUCH for this to be sexy! Bwahahahahahahahahaha Blake said that all a woman needs is a penis! Wait.. .did he say that it is natural for a woman to go down on a man but unmanly for a man to go down on a woman? HAHAHAHAH! He doesnt do “southern” cuisine….hahahahaha That is priceless! 

OH SHIT!!!!!  Malcolm paid Rick Fox to proposition Keisha to see if she was a hoe? WOWZERS!!! bwahahahaha Val yelled ” Somebody bring this bitch Brute” when April forgot to tell her that Blake doesnt go downtown. bwhaahahaha Okay, humor at last.

Next week! Honey!!!! Is that T.O?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Heavens!!! Cant wait!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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