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P90X (Take 2)~Day 6 LB, AB,Kenpo

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I confess, I have not been to the gym in the morning at ALL this week and today is just Tuesday. lol. I am just too tired in the morning because I didnt go to bed on time on Sunday and it has thrown my entire schedule off. I cannot wait to fall into the deepest coma tonight if nothing is on television for me to blog about. lol.

This morning… yeh, long story….. in short, baby in the world and lunch with Jill Scott. Yes, you read correctly. My Friend @PrinceCharming and I got to meet, take pics, and have lunch with Jill Scott. When I tell you that she is gorgeous!!!…. that would be an understatement. When I saw her, the first words out of my mouth were “you still are beautiful”. I think I said it because there was all of this hype about how much weight she had lost. And yes, she had and was a smaller size of the Living My Life Like It’s Golden self that we have all come to know and love…. but it was never that she wasnt beautiful at that size, and it wasnt the smaller size that made her beautiful. I just felt that I had to tell her that she was STILL beautiful. She thanked me as I hugged her and she told me that I was kind. I didnt want to seem like a star struck fan that I was… but I just hugged her back and kept the lesson that I had just taught myself within the confines of my mind; stored under “Remember this for yourself, fool” section A. Later, when someone brought up the invitable elephant in the room…her weight loss… she mentioned that she had to do things that were fun to her and really didnt appear to be exercise. I told her, “I know what you mean. I do the same thing with the TV on the treadmill, I picture myself running towards Emril’s ham. BAM!”. She laughed… I can almost die happy. Now, if I could get close enough to make Michelle Obama laugh without getting arrested I can really die happy.

But, I ate light and didnt go back for more like I REALLY wanted to. Trust me, the food was good and I wanted to. But it was still good to see someone that I look up to having lost the weight and looking beautiful in the most down to earth, yet still glamorous, clothing that you could find. It was the motivational kick that I needed to remind me why I was on this journey. She never knew how much her music touched me, but God placed her in my life at the right moment to give me that kick in the pants to tell me to keep going. I dont really like my pictures because I forgot to suck my stomach in… BUT… I am happy to have them just the same.

My goal is to get fit then go find every celeb I have ever taken a pic with while fat and then retake the pics…lol.

Last night I meant to do Yoga X and Legs and Back…. but I got called to walk with a friend who asked me to be her accountability partner. SO only Yoga X got done. Tonight I will TRY to knock out Legs & Back and Kenpo X. No promises… but I will do at least one so I can rest tomorrow.

Also, I think I may want to switch over to the Classic system of P90X. I replayed the intro DVD and it said that Lean is merely cardio… I want the benefits listed for Classic instead of Lean. So Thursday I will switch over. Just had to mention that. Okay, update you later.


Okay, so I came home, guns blazzing and I went to work…..on my house. lmao! My maids came this morning and so last night I had to “maid prep” my abode. That is where you put away stuff you dont want them to be tempted to steal, lose, or break. Also, you wash all of your clothes so that they can have them folded neatly when you get home so you wont have to do it….lol.

Anywho, with all of that energy I got the crazy thought in my mind that I would do two workouts to catch up for the day I missed ( Day 4 I think) and that way today (Day 7) would really be my day of rest. Yeh, you read right… 2 workouts. So, I started with Legs and back with Ab Ripper X.

I quickly discovered that I need to ease back into this workout. My knees were getting swollen and threatening to pop and my hip joint was hollering at me like a baby mama to her baby daddy after a missed child support payment. IT HURT. It wasnt in my mind, this was not a figment of my imagination…..no, it HURT! I kneeled down to do the bands for the “pull-up” exercise and my knee felt like it was going to pop or dislocate right from under me. I have a LOOOOOOOOONG history of floating patella, where my knee caps sit on the outside of my knee. And when I straighten my legs out on the bed to situp and cross at the ankle…after a while the leg will drop to the side and the knee cap will snap into place. It hurts for a minute… but I am use to it. This was scary because I felt like my legs werent sturdy under me. I didnt feel that way my first go round with this workout. So I modified what I could and stopped 2 exercises shy of completing because of the pain.

Here is my Legs & Back Workout:

  1. Balance Lunges……………….R__10___ L_12____
  2. Calf Raise Squats………………_____25_______each
  3. Reverse Grip Chin-Ups………_____15 w/heavy bands_______
  4. Super Skater……………………______NOPE_______ (Knee pop and hip pain)
  5. Wall Squat………………………______Full Time________
  6. Wide Front Pull-Ups……….._______15___(Did it standing on chair and lifting w/ calves and holding, repeat)
  7. Step Back Lunge……………..R__13__ L__13__
  8. Alternating Side Lunge…………… R 12 L 12
  9. Closed Grip Overhead Pull-Ups………   20 (Standing)
  10. Single Leg Wall Squat ……….. Full Time ( but was standing w/ legs bent just a little above a 90 degree angle)
  11. Dead Lift Squat………..  13 (each side but rib and hips hurt)
  12. Switch Grip Pull-Ups……….  20 (sitting)
  13. Three-Way Lunges……… R__5__L__5__
  14. Sneaky Lunges……….  __20____
  15. Reverse Grip Chin-Ups…….. All__
  16. Chair Salutations …….. 1 (knees hurt and pressure feels like it is going to pop)
  17. Toe-Roll Iso Lunge………. R__10__L __10__ (front knees click)
  18. Wide Front Pull-Ups………. 30 (w/ heavy bands)
  19. Groucho Walk………. Full Time
  20. Calf Raises………. Wide_10__ Parallel_ 10_ Pigeon 0 (calves felt like they were going to cramp on me)
  21. Closed Grip Overhead Pull-Ups……… Nope
  22. 80-20 Sieber Speed Squats……….. Nope
  23. Switch Grip Pull-Ups………. Nope

Here is my Ab Ripper X Workout: 25 of each…supposedly

  1. In & Outs……..  25_ (w/ rocking motion)
  2. Bicycle………. 25 ( paused at 7, 12, & 20)
  3. Reverse Bicycle………. 25 ( More on elbows than hands…lol)
  4. Crunchy Frog………. 25 ( paused at 20)
  5. Cross Legged/Wide Legged Sit-Ups……… 22
  6. Phieffer Scissors………. 13 ( did it more like a bicycle than straight legs up and down)
  7. Hip Rock & Raise………. 11 (Ouch)
  8. Heel to the Heavens………. 10 ( Lower back and right hip OUCH)
  9. V-up/Roll Up Combo………. 5 (V-up but no roll up. Midd ab started cramping)
  10. Oblique B- Up………. (Had to stop…. tired)

There were two more but I forgot what they were….lol.

Okay… so I let them cool down, I went and got water and put clothes int he drier and somewhere along the line I caught my second wind My dumb behind popped in Kenpo X. Now, this goes pretty shortly. I LOVE Kenpo X. So, in short, I sweated my ass off did EVERY single rep and move he told me to do, and my breaks were in fact… my breaks. I didnt jump rope during the breaks and I didnt sit down. I drank my water and walked around the room. I have to build back up to doing all of that. But I finished it and then went to go blog about The Braxtons’  reality show.

So yeh…. this morning I got up and hurt like hell, but I completed it. So much so… that I dont even feel like proof reading this.


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The Braxtons~ DMV-isit

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Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Episode 3: Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

Episode 4: Lupus.org

Episode 5: Vodka & a Pickle

Episode 6: 1 for All & All for the Album

Episode 7: Happy Birthday Ms. Evelyn & Fight

Episode 8: Appreciate What Now?

Episode 9: DMV-isit

I am writing this at 1am in the morning……I dont have enough hours in the day to do everything that I need to get done. *Sigh* But let’s get ‘er done.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #SingTheSongAnnaMae

I LOVE the outfit that Trina was wearing when she walked in to visit Dr. Sherry for her therapy session. I know, I know… I was suppose to be focused on her issues….but this outfit is simplistically gorgeous. Wait, did Trina just LIE about the last time that she was caught drinking? They showed her drinking 2 hours ago and she said last night…lol.  WOW!!! Dr. Sherry just challenged Trina to NOT drink a single alcoholic beverage for 90 days. She is gone wind up drinking cough syrup or mouth wash to make it through the 90 days…lol.

Wait… isnt their father a preacher, or was a preacher? Hell, something in the church. Wow…. Toni said that she hates coming to the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area) because it makes her feel anxious. Wowzers.  OUCH!!! Their dad had an affair for NINE years?!!! Where is that in the Bible? Okay, I dont understand it, but something more must have gone down……ummm did Toni just say that their father got married LESS than 30 days after the divorce papers were signed?

LMAO!!!! Trina didnt even make it a week beyond the challenge Dr. Sherrygave her before she failed

So, they havent sat down with their dad in 10 years? Toni’s got to be drugged up and numb to survive a trip to the DMV? And who are they leaving their kids with? Andre? Okay… letthem slip up and say what city Traci lives in and I will drive right on over!

Why are they getting on Traci’shouse and marriage? I mean, they are just dogging Kevin Sr out for how he treats Traci. Wow!Bwahahahahaha! Trina said that he stomach started pop locking! hahah And then they went on this tangent about how funky Trina’s booty was..lol. Mama Evelyn even asked, “What you have to eat, baby?” hahahahahaha Priceless.

Okay, can someone tell me why they are walking all the way down the street to “569”…their old family home?” And awww.. them harmonizing on the family steps was classic! I mean, their mannerisms were even transported back to the last time they were there. You could tell that it was meaningful to them.  But it was hilarious that the owner of the property threatened to call the cops on Toni….not all of them… JUST Toni. lmao!

It is now my mission to figure out where this little white church is that Mama Evelyn and Braxton got married in. I am so proud that Mama Evelyn was willing to come to brunch with the kids and her ex-husband. But he is late, not showing up and EVERY kid is calling him and it is going straight to voicemail. WOW!!! They all look like they will have a nervous breakdown collectivelyif he does not show up. The ONLY person who seems calm and not all that shocked is Mama Evelyn. WOW! I just feel bad even watching the fact that their dad didnt event show up. Who knew that all of this was going on with them? He didnt attend Trina’s wedding because his new wife wasnt invited? I mean, really? Come one now, what man of God acts like an ass?

Oh my word…. who trusts Trina with cooking anything other than a pot of hot water for her community service stemming from her DUI charges. But I am upset that Trina thought that she was too good to be in community service!

HOLD THE HELL UP!!!! I cant wait to see next week’s episode!!!! Their father shows up and Mam Evelyn brings out the Bible on his behind! PREACH!!! Okay… its 2am and I am headed to bed. Peace out!



~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


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