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P90X (Take 2)~Day 5

In P90X Journey on 7 June 2011 at 3:24 pm

Day 1:    Day 2  Day 3    Day 4    Day 5

If you read Day 4 then you know I missed the workout yesterday, amd too tired to function normally today….a nd Yeh!

I am literally dreading having to workout for 2 hours when I get home… something is just not natural about that, but it is my fault for not scheduling yesterday out properly. I really am going to have to do Yoga X with the radio on because I cant do it in my quiet house. I am liable to scream just to add some excitement into the mix.

I will keep you updated this evening with the amount of struggle I have inflicted on myself.

Also, I let an acquaintence of mine in on the P90X Plus DVDs… I watched them and wanted to cry. I shouldnt have because now I may never use them lol. I cant even remember why I bought them when I cought the original DVDs. I guess I got it just in case I finished the 90 days and wanted to move on to the graduate discs of P90X Plus….. but I will have to be a 7 year senior because I dont think I will ever be fit enough to do the Plus package….lol. Yeh… hurting right now just thinking about it. But… he said he is going to purchase it tonight. if he has a heart attack… I will let you all know! lol. I say that because he is one buff dude, so if he suffers, there is not a chance in a winter in hell that I will be able to survive it.


Later this evening……….



Okay, this second round of fitness with the program is NOT going like I planned but I have 85 more days left to get it right…lol. But at least I am trying.

So, I didn’t wake up and workout this morning. Was extreeeeeeeemely too tired. I even went to work and was dozing on and off the whole entire damn day! I went and got a 5 hour Energy drink and couldn’t feel my face. I was going to go home and take a long as nap. I had convinced myself that I could nap for 2 hours and then get up and workout some.

See, that was my inner fat chick getting the best of me and she damn near won. The fitness gods heard this nonsense and sent my homegirl to send me a request.  My diva hit me up and asked me if I would walk with her around 7pm. I get off work at 4:30pm. By the time I leave work and make it home, it is only 5pm…soooooo… that means that I had some time to spare. So, I decided to do Yoga X.

Now, Yoga X and I have the WORST history in the world. I didn’t like it when I first did it in December and I simply abhorred the thought of even having to do it again. But, I turned on the radio to WKYS 93.9 FM and muted the TV….lol. It really did help. I would glance over to see how many seconds I had left and I made it through the entire DVD. I had to drop a couple of poses because my arms were shaking before the Tree Pose, but for the most part I went 20 minutes straight without complaining. At one point I almost stopped just because and I verbally told myself “no” and got back in the pose and kept it moving. It really is a mind of matter type of situation. I still don’t like it. And Kenpo is my favorite… but I put up with it.

As soon as I finished, I put on my tennis shoes, funky booty and all, and I went to my diva’s house and we drove to the track. We walked 4 laps and then I ran one complete lap, and we finished 3 more. I was proud of my one lap because of the fact that I have not run outside this entire year and it is now June. All of my running so far has been on the treadmill with interval training. The only reason I didn’t run further is because I didn’t have water with me ( stupid, I know) and I was drying my mouth out to a point to where I was coughing. I am such an open mouthed breather. So, next time I will have to be hydrated enough before running. Next time I want to run a lap and a half until I can run a full mile. Will feel great!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~


Single Ladies~ Beginning of the End

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Episode 1: Table for 1

Episode 2: Beginning of the End

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

My jury is still out on this show. The acting was surface and was borderline caricature, the plot got good after the 2nd hour began, and I need for there to be a little bit more believability out of the cast as a whole.  April’s husband was barely introduced into the show before she was cheating on him, I think that Keisha works for Val…..but didnt Val’s business JUST start? So, is Keisha getting this money to pay for that nice apartment from men? Just saying, can someone in this mix have a stable moral compass? Just saying…….

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2 #PeachtreeStreetDivas

Ummm… can they please give Stacey Dash some underwear? This grey dress is flawless…so flawless that I need her to wear a bra just so that I dont cry at the fact that my breast married gravity years ago. lol. Dear Valerie’s Secrets, I can see them. lol.

Wait…did she say she can make “purple” work for her? Is purple her v-jay-jay?

WHAT does April do for a living? And Omar works in the show too?

Okay, so this story of how Malcolm and Keisha met was sooooo shallow and the acting HORRIBLE!!! Okay, so why are the two of them checking out this mansion? And he’s buying it for someone else? I’m confused.

Sooooooo do Val and Keisha live together? And is this all about Keisha’s gambling debt?

OUCH!!! Darryl said “Where were you,because I was inside you and you couldn’t have been further away from me.” WHOA!!! And then to have Snoop’s Make It Wet playing in the background was HILARIOUS in the club scene because it came right after April’s love scene with Darryl. Guess she wasnt wet, but that is jut my take on the timely placement of the song. lol.

Niiiiiiiiiiice! Michael, the guy that is the blind date from the online service is gorgeous!!! Now, his head is a little too big to be bald, but it works somehow.  Bwahahahahaha! He turns out to be a “brotha” who doesn’t date sistas. And how much of a coincidence that the guy from her jump-off sex was in the same place. *Sigh* I will not judge…I will not judge. But I do admire his persistence

And WHY DOES LISA RAYE HAVE THIS HORRIBLE WIG ON?!!!!!! Is it a wig? Whatever it is….it looks awful! I’ve NEVER seen her hair this way.

DAYUM, 6 women have come forth saying that they slept with the mayor and all April can think about is that it is over? Trick, you should run to your nearest clinic!

WOWZERS!!!! Malcolm found out that Keisha steals via Jasmine’s manuscript. But she denied it. Woman, I would have confessed that she blackmailed me.  HILARIOUS!! The minute that Keisha kisses Malcolm, the movie in the back ont he screen says “The End”. Foreshadowing are we?

HOLY SPIT!!! Darryl went off on April….and she still tried to deny it? Really woman! You were caught on the news! lol.

What is up with Keisha and these huge ass necklaces? And why is Darryl fussing at Val? I know that was your friend first, but you are mad at April. Ummm… April got on the mechanical bull because?

OUCH! Darrly is being cold as hell to April. And wow… Malcolm still hasn’t called Keisha after she gave it up… wow. Awww. Val’s guy is sooo sweet.  Omar’s dancing is priceless. You can tell that they are not listening to the same song at all. Okay, soooo it didn’t wound like When Harry Met Sally but it did sound like they were watching Diary of a mad Black WOman. I mean, Elise runs to Shemar on the factory floor then too…lol.

This ending is sad. And I REALLY Hate Lisa Raye’s hair in this closing scene.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

Basketball Wives S:3~ Telephone Game

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Episode 1: Jump-offs Return, Season 3

Episode 2: Telephone Game

Episode 3:

Episode 4:

Episode 5:

Episode 6:

Episode 7:

Episode 8:

Last week was a casual reminder that money doesn’t change a hoodrat, it just makes the hood in which she infests a little bit bigger and can encase it in gates calling it a gated community.  I mean, you would think with all of that money that these women would have bigger and better things to do than steal other people’s husbands, worry about who is dating whom, and any other ghetto basic female type stuff. But, again… this is just my opinion.

I already do not like Speedy’s wife, God himself can never get me to take sides with Evelyn, and Tami needs to just drop it. Everyone else…. my jury is still out on how I feel about them this season.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #BasketballBenchBitches

I am trying my hardest to figure out how Jennifer’s apartment/condo looks. Because just the few shots we see doesnt scream “WOW I use to have money” or that she was once married to a basketball star. Maybe I would have to see it. Honestly, that was all that I could think of while Jennifer and Tami were talking.

So Suzie and Royce meet at a place called Front Porch. If that aint a southern restaurant name then I don’t know what is. WOW!!! Royce still speaks with Alien Forehead (Eric)? I mean, her rationalization that her exes could hang out with her crew because if they were still cool then she can be adult about it. I LOVE that rationalization. But every female doesn’t think that way.

Ummmmmmm maybe I would need to see Meeka’s striped dress up front but she looks like she got that off the Old Navy Sales rack at the outlet store from like 2 seasons ago. Is Nautical even in this year. And what is up with these ghetto hoop earrings. LMAO!!! Evelyn said she wished Meeka would shut the fuck up. lmao!!! On the other note, Evelyn is flawless looking in the outfit she met Meeka in at the bar. Beautiful.

SHIT!!! No sooner than I gave her a compliment in she comes with these slashed jeans or are they boots? I’m confused. And I find it HILARIOUS that she mentions that she and Chad want to have twins so they are going to the invetro process done. Ummm…. what if you pop up with two girls? I just feel like she is doing too much when it comes to her explaining her relationship with Chad.

Is Suzie outside in her PJs? I ask because that is EXACTLY what this outfit looks like when she meets up with Shaunie. And Shaunie’s hat looks like a Southern Baptist Tent Revival or Summer Bake Sale hat. I don’t see a lick of sun! And the more I watch Suzie talk I just wish her top lip would move when she talks.  Okay, the sun came out as they walked away.

Awww Boat Teeth and Jen are finally getting he ball rolling on their divorce.I have NEVER seen teeth as huge as his. Just had to get that off my chest. Damn, this Jennifer Hudson “I Remember Me” joint playing in the backround is viciously niiiiiice *Fab voice*

DOES MEEKA NOT HAVE ANY OTHER GOT DAMN EARRINGS!!!? Except these are silver, so she has them in every metal available?

WHOA!!!!!!!!!! Suzie walked into Dulce? !!!!! Evelyn’s face looked like she didn’t know whether to run or prepare to fight. But at least Evelyn is listening to Suzie more this time. So is this squashed now. These chicks should have long ago duked it out, hugged and got over it.

Wait….. did Evelyn just say that “we like buts”? Now, I’m as raunchy as the next one…. but if you don’t want to be called a hoe… don’t wear the dress.ooooooh I want Jen’s peacock earrings!!!! Sweeet!

Is this episode called Ring Around the Apartments?  Could they not get clearances from public places to film? lmao! Why is Evelyn trying to turn Jennifer into a hoe just because she is getting a divorce. Is EVelyn filling out the online profile or is Jen? Wait… is that a purse on Ken’s picture on the online dating profile?! bwahahahaha. But hell, Jen could date The Humpback of Notre Dame and he would STILL look better than Eric!!!!

Wait… is this club called Trio? Did Tami just say she was going to try and get Meeka to be a mole? I don’t trust this woman to dress herself properly yet alone report back information properly. Oh snap! I feel like Tami is about to set Meeka up about how Meeka feels about Royce. Am I the ONLY one who is catching Meeka stuttering? lmao! Tami put her in her place.

Umm…. Suzie, you BETTER stop laughing at anything that Evelyn is saying about Royce. She is dogging your homegirl and you are laughing. You do know that you can’t fight, right? I just want Suzie to pick a side, because you can’t play both sides well.

*Sigh* Next week is going to be so much more fun. I just wish these bitches would learn to land a punch.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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