P90X Take 2~Day1

In P90X Journey on 3 June 2011 at 12:59 am

Sooooo, I’ve been on this road before. Yes, In December of 2010 I began this 90 day journey and then I stopped. Yeh, sucks. I worked out for 30 days and even lost 10lbs but then it was time for me to go on my birthday cruise and that was all she wrote. I know that I set myself up for failure because I even saw a woman on the boat with her mini dvd player in the gym working out to P90X. I could recognize Kenpo X a mile away. But…. it didnt motivate me to work out once I got back 2 weeks later.

Once home, I just wanted to revel in the relaxation that I had obtained while on the cruise. 1 Months turned in to 2 and 2 into 4 and finally… May crept up on me. Then something hit me! I was tired of being unfit. So, I set the date of may 2nd to begin my new workout regimen and that was all she wrote frm there. For once I didnt have a deadline, a huge goal in the future… this time I was just ready to say that I was on a journey. This time, my only reason for doing it is because I want to for me.

So for the whole month of May ( with the exception of the last week when I got mega sick and wound up in the hospital) I worked out every morning before work and managed to lose 7 lbs. I didnt eat out that much and even when I did I chose a salad of some sort. And the only thing I did was make sure I had 3 meals and 3 snacks, purchased a pedometer and made sure I got in my 10 thousand steps every day. No weight training or nothing. Just every morning I was in the gym for 30 mins on the treamill ( sometimes an hr) and knocked out the first 5 thousand steps of the day. I picked up another 3 thousand while at work and byt the time I went to bed…. I had completed my daily goal. That was it.

Well… I said that i would begin back with P90X on June 2nd…..and that was today! I got up and went to the gym this morning, hit the treadmil and dreaded coming home. lol. I knwo I need to do it but I just remembered how much I struggled last time. Well, 17lbs later…. I dont feel much better but I see that my tolerance for pain is a little higher. lol.

I’m back on it. I didnt get through all of the push-ups, banana/boat and banana/superman makes me want to cry , and the Dreya Roll still makes me want to punch Dreya in the face for showing off. But…. I did do the modifications and made it through most of the stuff. I went to wipe my face and not a single part of my upper shirt was dry. I had to use a towel. Sweat dripped from my nose like I was crying over a lost lover. Or, just a big bitch sweating. lol. Either way.. I was thinking “what the hell made me agree to suffer through this again” and at the same time I had the secret joy of wondering what I would look like on the other side of this if I really did stick with this for 90 days.

Right before I worked out, I was talking to a friend who asked my help to hold her accountable because she wants to begin her weightloss journey too. I told her that you have to start by being shown what you can do. I dont have Jillian or Bob here to scream at me, so….. I have to start by walking up stairs without pulling out my inhaler. That is a victory to me. I want to be able to run a mile. That is a victory to me. These are things that I dont need to pay a billion dollars to do, I just need to stick with the simple training in order to accomplish these goals. So, tonight… I finished Core Synergenic or Synergistics…. hell… you know what I mean. And once I was done, my legs shook like after great sex. Well… I heard that’s what happens… Okay.. moving on.

So, if you want to join the 90 day P90X Challenge with me… leave your name in the comment section. This is going to be fun!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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