P90X (Take 2)~Day 2

In P90X Journey on 3 June 2011 at 11:25 pm

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The next time that I mention I want to get fit… please punch me in my throat and feed me a turket neck. This HURTS!!!! For the past month of my regular fitness I havent really been that sore. But after working out the best that I could yesterday to Core Synergistic….or whatever it is. I guess I should spell check that but I am suffering just moving my fingers.

My abs are screaming like I raped them. My ARMPITS HURT!!! WTF? How do your armpits hurt? This morning I went to the gym and walks/jogged on the treadmill for 1 hrand knockec out my 10 thousandsteps before I even stepped foot in my office. Speaking of office…..this morning I witnessed a cowork damn near put her foot in my boss’ ass as she cussed him out and stormed out of the office. It was mega entertaining and long over due.

Well, I tried to talk myself out of this second day workout the entire time I was on the train coming home. I told myself that I coudl skip it… it wouldnt matter. I even told myself that I could take a nap at 8pm and wake up and work out….lol. Hell, I’ll go ahead and snitch on myself. I even order lemon peppered chicken wings from Pizza Hut and enjoyed every finger-licking moment. Okay, my inner fatchick told me to tell you that I ordered a supreme pizza too. BUT…..and that is a huge Delta Burke’s ass kind of but…..I only had 4 wings and one slice of pizza. I know, I know, that is a lot. But the old me would have had all of the wings and had 2 pieces of pizza…. I think I did well. And I wont have any more tonight. Matter of fact, I want more water… I just went through an entire pitcher.

So, tonight was Cardio X. I learned that I cannot talk to my roomate and do this at the same time, I almost passed out. Buuuuuut I finished it. I am extremely sore from yesterday so some of the moved hurt like hell. I absolutely abhorred theYoga at the beginning. And maybe it was because I am sore, but I just cannot get down with yoga. My 3rd belly & my breasts are in the way ( no I dont have a gunt….these are just jokes people. But my breasts are huge). I was in heaven when we got to the Kenpo portion. I have no clue why I love it so much… but I do. I still cannot do the Dreya Roll, so I just sit up with my knees bent and roll back with my legs in the air and roll forward without standing. I figure I will get there one day, right now my knee caps are screaming.

I also am waaaaaaaaaaaaay past 16 thousand steps as I write this. I am not even looking forward to in the morning b/c Ihave to work out P90x before I go for a 4+ mile walk with a friend because she asked me to be her accountability partner. So yeh… I’m going to be in soooo much pain that it is not even funny. Just pray for me. lol. I also weighed in… I weigh 225…but I weighed in this evening. So, I cannot step on the scale again until July2nd. Sad shame. I am a scale-aholic! But I will stick to it. Well… let me take my butt to bed…. after I get more water so mymuscles dont tighten up in my sleep. I stretched and still feel tight. Damn shame…body aint young as it use to be. lol.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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  7. Congratulations on getting started! I know how you feel, I’ve been there 🙂 I’m now in my second round of P90X and I stll “Bring It” each and every day and am STILL sore. Hang in there, it will get better!

    • Thanks! So did you complete the first round? What day are you on in this second round? Me, I finished the first 30 days of my first round and then quit. I wished that I hadn’t but a vacation came up and that was all she wrote. This time, I want to complete all 90 days.

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