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P90X (Take 2)~Day 2

In P90X Journey on 3 June 2011 at 11:25 pm

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The next time that I mention I want to get fit… please punch me in my throat and feed me a turket neck. This HURTS!!!! For the past month of my regular fitness I havent really been that sore. But after working out the best that I could yesterday to Core Synergistic….or whatever it is. I guess I should spell check that but I am suffering just moving my fingers.

My abs are screaming like I raped them. My ARMPITS HURT!!! WTF? How do your armpits hurt? This morning I went to the gym and walks/jogged on the treadmill for 1 hrand knockec out my 10 thousandsteps before I even stepped foot in my office. Speaking of office…..this morning I witnessed a cowork damn near put her foot in my boss’ ass as she cussed him out and stormed out of the office. It was mega entertaining and long over due.

Well, I tried to talk myself out of this second day workout the entire time I was on the train coming home. I told myself that I coudl skip it… it wouldnt matter. I even told myself that I could take a nap at 8pm and wake up and work out….lol. Hell, I’ll go ahead and snitch on myself. I even order lemon peppered chicken wings from Pizza Hut and enjoyed every finger-licking moment. Okay, my inner fatchick told me to tell you that I ordered a supreme pizza too. BUT…..and that is a huge Delta Burke’s ass kind of but…..I only had 4 wings and one slice of pizza. I know, I know, that is a lot. But the old me would have had all of the wings and had 2 pieces of pizza…. I think I did well. And I wont have any more tonight. Matter of fact, I want more water… I just went through an entire pitcher.

So, tonight was Cardio X. I learned that I cannot talk to my roomate and do this at the same time, I almost passed out. Buuuuuut I finished it. I am extremely sore from yesterday so some of the moved hurt like hell. I absolutely abhorred theYoga at the beginning. And maybe it was because I am sore, but I just cannot get down with yoga. My 3rd belly & my breasts are in the way ( no I dont have a gunt….these are just jokes people. But my breasts are huge). I was in heaven when we got to the Kenpo portion. I have no clue why I love it so much… but I do. I still cannot do the Dreya Roll, so I just sit up with my knees bent and roll back with my legs in the air and roll forward without standing. I figure I will get there one day, right now my knee caps are screaming.

I also am waaaaaaaaaaaaay past 16 thousand steps as I write this. I am not even looking forward to in the morning b/c Ihave to work out P90x before I go for a 4+ mile walk with a friend because she asked me to be her accountability partner. So yeh… I’m going to be in soooo much pain that it is not even funny. Just pray for me. lol. I also weighed in… I weigh 225…but I weighed in this evening. So, I cannot step on the scale again until July2nd. Sad shame. I am a scale-aholic! But I will stick to it. Well… let me take my butt to bed…. after I get more water so mymuscles dont tighten up in my sleep. I stretched and still feel tight. Damn shame…body aint young as it use to be. lol.


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P90X Take 2~Day1

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Sooooo, I’ve been on this road before. Yes, In December of 2010 I began this 90 day journey and then I stopped. Yeh, sucks. I worked out for 30 days and even lost 10lbs but then it was time for me to go on my birthday cruise and that was all she wrote. I know that I set myself up for failure because I even saw a woman on the boat with her mini dvd player in the gym working out to P90X. I could recognize Kenpo X a mile away. But…. it didnt motivate me to work out once I got back 2 weeks later.

Once home, I just wanted to revel in the relaxation that I had obtained while on the cruise. 1 Months turned in to 2 and 2 into 4 and finally… May crept up on me. Then something hit me! I was tired of being unfit. So, I set the date of may 2nd to begin my new workout regimen and that was all she wrote frm there. For once I didnt have a deadline, a huge goal in the future… this time I was just ready to say that I was on a journey. This time, my only reason for doing it is because I want to for me.

So for the whole month of May ( with the exception of the last week when I got mega sick and wound up in the hospital) I worked out every morning before work and managed to lose 7 lbs. I didnt eat out that much and even when I did I chose a salad of some sort. And the only thing I did was make sure I had 3 meals and 3 snacks, purchased a pedometer and made sure I got in my 10 thousand steps every day. No weight training or nothing. Just every morning I was in the gym for 30 mins on the treamill ( sometimes an hr) and knocked out the first 5 thousand steps of the day. I picked up another 3 thousand while at work and byt the time I went to bed…. I had completed my daily goal. That was it.

Well… I said that i would begin back with P90X on June 2nd…..and that was today! I got up and went to the gym this morning, hit the treadmil and dreaded coming home. lol. I knwo I need to do it but I just remembered how much I struggled last time. Well, 17lbs later…. I dont feel much better but I see that my tolerance for pain is a little higher. lol.

I’m back on it. I didnt get through all of the push-ups, banana/boat and banana/superman makes me want to cry , and the Dreya Roll still makes me want to punch Dreya in the face for showing off. But…. I did do the modifications and made it through most of the stuff. I went to wipe my face and not a single part of my upper shirt was dry. I had to use a towel. Sweat dripped from my nose like I was crying over a lost lover. Or, just a big bitch sweating. lol. Either way.. I was thinking “what the hell made me agree to suffer through this again” and at the same time I had the secret joy of wondering what I would look like on the other side of this if I really did stick with this for 90 days.

Right before I worked out, I was talking to a friend who asked my help to hold her accountable because she wants to begin her weightloss journey too. I told her that you have to start by being shown what you can do. I dont have Jillian or Bob here to scream at me, so….. I have to start by walking up stairs without pulling out my inhaler. That is a victory to me. I want to be able to run a mile. That is a victory to me. These are things that I dont need to pay a billion dollars to do, I just need to stick with the simple training in order to accomplish these goals. So, tonight… I finished Core Synergenic or Synergistics…. hell… you know what I mean. And once I was done, my legs shook like after great sex. Well… I heard that’s what happens… Okay.. moving on.

So, if you want to join the 90 day P90X Challenge with me… leave your name in the comment section. This is going to be fun!


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SYTYCD~ Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA)

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Episode 1: Auditions (UT & NY)

Episode 2: Auditions 2nd Day (Los Angeles, CA )

Well, last night was the season premiere!!! I must tell you that I am on pins and needles just waiting to see who the top 20 will be. I already told you that China Lee Smith (19; Pocatello, ID) better be one of them. I am sure I will grow to love a few more, but she is at the top of my winning list. Tonight promises to be JUST as entertaining as the other. The only thing that I wish is that they would post the title of the songs that these people are dancing to…..that adds to the excitement as well.  So………

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #SYTYCD ?

Los Angeles, California

If you know like I know…. LA/Hollywood has been on EVERY single season of the show. I mean… these dancers are like the X-Men mutants of Dancers or LXD. Whoever they are and where ever they come from… I am here to watch.

Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and broadway choreographer, Tyce Diorio are the judges for this round. Did I mention that I have a crush on Tyce? I swear, if Mia Michaels will say my name on air once I can die happy and then kiss Tyce before I die. Just saying!

Jordan Casanova (18, Chino Hills, CA )- performing to Beyonce’s Naughty Girl,  she hit the stage running. I mean, her leg extensions were off the chain! I mean, they were also a tad bit redundant, but…..she worked it. The Split pirouette!!! Phenominal! I didnt see much choreography as I did this aura of “look at m! I’m sexy and I can do beautiful leg extensions.” At one point I thought that Nigel would never stop the music. Tyce ‘s commentary was wonderful and entertaining. But yes, she did border the line of classy and a worker at the Players’ Club trying to make that money and not let the money work her. I think she needs to learn the definition of sensual over sexual. But…. that is just my opinion. I have a feeling that they are going to send her to Vegas, but I could be wrong. *Presses play* And she has the golden ticket.

HOLD UP!!!!! While DC is on the stage giving his pre-dance interview…. the camera flies out to the audience and catches a familiar face…….someone that SYTYCD fans know very well; Stephen “tWitch” Boss. I knew he wouldnt be able to stay away from the Hollywood auditions…lol. Priceless…. just put a smile on my face. Now, if I could just cop that hat he has on…..fly. Wait… is that Comfort from Season 4 behind him?

Derion “D.C.” Chapman (28; Reseda,Ca) –  And I am getting old because I knew absolutely NOTHING about the “Cat Daddy” dance that was created by the rejects. So, can someone tell me ho wa wheelchair impression has anything to do with the Cat Daddy? I’m lost. But give it a day and it will be here in D.C.  NIGEL!!!! Nigel just did the “Cat Daddy”!!!! Priceless!!! WOW!!!! He personality came through every single movement! His hip hop flare told the story portrayed in the song. And how nice…. Nigel referred back to the time when tWitch did the conducting during his routine in Season 4. What a great compliment that was! And there tWitch is… sitting in the audience cheesing from ear to ear. Well, D.C. better get that golden ticket. If you’re wondering WHICH Season 4 routine Nigel is referring to…well, as an avid fan…I know, I know! I think he is referring to tWitch’s solo routine to Miri Ben-Ari’s We Gonna Win piece. So, you’re welcome…..lol


Arielle Coker (21; Los Angeles, CA)–  after being here I think…. 4 times…she is stronger than when we saw her years ago. I love her flexibility. The change in her tempo just captured me. I don’t think that I have ever seen the change in character that she just gave us. She went from lyrical, to hup hop, to jazz, to funk, to sensual to just outstanding! I mean… she will be my 2nd top favorite after China. Wow… she better make top 20!!!. WOW!!!! Golden ticket it is!

Hero McRae (26; Hollywood, CA via Japan)– I am not the smartest person in the world… but I am probably one of the more observant ones. Um…..isnt Hero from the dance group “We Are Hero” from America’s Best Dance Crew Season 4? Werent they dancing then for her grandmother who was sick at the time? So, what happened to the rest of her crew? Are they not together any more? Inquiring nosey ass people like me want to know! If that is not her… then I stand corrected. But I still love her. Her ticking style is to die for! Yes, she is definitely representing for the female hip hop dancers! Golden Ticket!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay 2…lmao!

Joe “Big C” Doyle (29; Pasadena, CA) Wait… did this nut just say that he is the Claus of Krump “Lil C’s pro-di-cee”? Ummm…..*closes mouth with hand* LMAO! This man said he is from the North Pole and spreads “buckness” cheer all year long to good little boys and girls!!!! This Santa Claus act is about as looney as the Ringo Starr audition the other night. Oddly enough… he can KIND OF krump. But the look on Mary’s face when he stripped his shirt was PRICELESS!!!hahahaha. Mary said, “Make it stop!” lmao! No golden ticket for him. Lawd!

WOW!!!!!!! Nigel called the old black guy in the shiny hat “tWitch’s uncle” lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have soooooo many jokes for that but I will keep them to myself. But these rejects need to get out of their feelings.

Alexis Mason (18; Miami, FL)– The sister of Season 5 Winner, Jeanine Mason….she has son BIG Capizios to fill. I almost feel bad for her. I say that because she doesn’t get to be herself… she is living in her siblings shadow. Oh do I know that story too well. I want her to be her without them comparing her. And my DVR is paused right now so I have no clue what they are going to say, but I can already predict it just by the fact that Nigel asked ” and who is your sister?”.My answer would have been…. “it doesn’t matter because I am here under my own right”. A little protest there. But my only critique would have to be her face. SHe is broadcasting emotion that she really isnt feeling and it is coming across as fake. I want to feel that she feels her moves to. Her technique is amazing! Golden Ticket it is!!!

Just spotted Josh, winner of Season 4, in the audience with Jeanine. This is a reunion of seasons past…lol.

Patty Anne Miller (28; Los Angeles, CA)– Said that she is a “Style consultant” which is another way to tell me that she doesnt have a job….lol. But this hip hop routine better be on point.  LOVE IT!!!!! The opening was off the chain! I mean I had to check that my DVR wasnt skipping when she was ticking with such precision! And is this a Ke$ha song? Just beautiful! Golden Ticket!

LMAO!!!! Nigel told the joke ” no ballroom” and he said, “Like Tyce’s trousers” lmao!

Natalia & Sasha Mallory (18 & 23; Bakersfield, CA)– Natalia is the younger, thicker sister and Sasha is the older slimmer sister. I hate to use these terms, but for those who watched, you will remember better that way. I almost felt like them dancer together hurt one and helped the other. I wont say which is which, but it did. I feel like the judges eyes didnt know where to go because their spacing was all over the place. Their transitions were walk-tos and not to many movement variations. But, I can say that what they did have in their technique handbag was pretty clean and had some nice lines. I, and this is just my opinion, think that they will take one….and even that one may need to swing through to choreography. Okay, so they both went on to choreography. WOW! Natalia’s partner looked like he had a bit of a problem lifting her up. But…. they BOTH got the golden ticket. I am happy with that.

I wish that this were a 2 hour night! I mean… I want to see more of these talented people! But… I guess I will have to wait until next week. Will you be there? Good.


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