Sinbad~ Get it Back on the Air!

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 1 June 2011 at 2:22 am

Episode 1: It’s Just Family

Episode 2: Funny Money

Episode 3: Road to Health

Episode 4: Burn It Up

Episode 5: Bang, Bang Goes the Hobby

Episode 6: Fix It Yourself

I know what you all are wondering. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SINBAD’S SHOW?!

Well, I did some investigative work and I went and found out the answer. Okay…. I went straight to Sinbad and asked….lol. I asked Sinbad if I missed something, and basically…what happened to the show. He informed me that I was not going crazy, I didn’t miss any thing. The show is merely waiting on the news that will tell them whether they have been renewed or not. Basically….they are waiting on the station’s powers that Be to allow them back on the air.

I don’t know about you…. but I WANT THE SHOW BACK ON THE AIR!!!! To say that I was ecstatic to see Sinbad, period, back on television was too much for me to handle….seeing his entire family was enough to make me clear my schedule to sit and watch it when I should have been in bed asleep. And I know what you are thinking, I just want to see Royce back on the air, but TRUST ME……that is true. But I want to see the entire family back on. It is as if they are teasing me with the episodes they graced us with and then they took it away.

So, if you want to see Sinbad:It’s Just Family back on the air….. hit up the survey below…leave a comment. I will make sure that Sinbad see’s it and try to get the people who decide that the show comes back on see’s it too. Hell, if it can work for The Game we can do it for Sinbad. So…..let’s get to work. Thanks.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. I’m not sure I understand the decision-making that goes on behind closed doors by the networks. here you have a beautiful, bonded family projecting all positive messages for family viewing and now it’s gone. i like the braxtons too but I would love to understand why they kept that particular reality show and not this one. i am thinking it was too much positivitiy going on. what a wonderful family! i’m sure they will go on and continue to do great things with or without WE TV. Blessings to the family! GP

    Oh, how can i foget to vent on my favorite topic. So, the Kardashians deserve to stay on TV??? WTF? Ok, that’s it. Tantrum thrown!!

  2. Loved the show…hope it comes back on air

  3. It’s better than those damn fake Kardashians.

  4. I would love to see Sinbad and his family back on tv

  5. Miss the show, hope to see it back on, I love that there was not craziness to this show, no yelling, no divas, just realness. Please bring back my Sinbad and family

  6. Liked the show love sinbad


  8. Please bring Sinbads show back great show for the entire family.

  9. Get Sinbad reality back on the one reality that feels real great show, waitn n watchn for its to return wouldn’t turn to that channel if it wasn’t for his show, I think that point says it all…

  10. I really love the show

  11. I thought that the show was great and it went perfectly with the Braxtons show.

  12. This show was the best & i loved watchn sinbad & the braxtons it made my day. & i just lookd up & wow it was gone, wit no notice, email, post it nothing. I wuld love for it to come bak he is genuinely funny & he dosent hav to try like most comics. So please WE please bring him back.

  13. Chris Jones – 6 hours ago

    Sinbad is the BEST!!!

    I TRULY hope they give him and his family the opportunity to film more episodes. I had my timer set to automatically tune to it and I finally deleted it because THE BRAXTON’s kept coming on instead.

    Good clean TV and I can watch it without having to tell the kids to get out of the room. Sinbad is funny in just normal situations, I mean the camera crew could just follow him around in everyday life and it would be hilarious to me. Just the way he carries his self and his outlook on life is funny.

    I’m 42 and Sinbad is a little older but he has pretty much the same outlook on the modern technology and Kid’s that I do. We didn’t have all these Cells, ITouch, and Tablets that they think they have to have when we were coming up and we made it fine. Lol

    The Whole Family Love’s You & Your’s Sinbad, Hope to see more episodes soon.

  14. Frank Stuart – 3 weeks ago

    I watched Sinbad (Memphis Red) and laughed for an hour. I watched the Braxtons for 5 minutes and wanted to take an Excedrin. Sinbad is the funniest and nicest guy ever! There has to be a place for him on tv and in the movies. What you see is what you get with Sinbad.

  15. Marsha J – 3 weeks ago

    Bring it back on, it is an enjoyable show with a REAL family with real family issues, plus its funny as heck.

  16. Kelly Vaughn – 4 weeks ago

    I love Sinbad and I loved that show!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Please Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. linda J – 5 weeks ago

    wow!!! it was great seeing sinbad and his family on tv. this was good reality tv. hurry and bring the program back. sinbad teaches what real family values is all about. black or white great show.love you sinbad, glad to see you bringing real life issues to tv for all to see in this bad economy

  18. Mae – 5 weeks ago

    Please bring the show back..it was so entertaining!! Yall took it off the air without warning..shame on WETV!

  19. I so want this show to be renewed. Normal African Americans on television with characters that I can understand!! Love it . BRING SINBAD AND FAMILY BACK.

  20. I really dont understand why they would take off that show…I really, really enjoyed it. Please get them back on the air

  21. Really miss the Show not enough good tv shows anymore

  22. Love the show, love the family it is the one program my husband and I never missed and actually enjoyed together get that show started again!

  23. Sinbad is truly a comedic genius! He is naturally funny, doesn’t have to try hard to make people laugh, and is easily relatable to! I look forward to the return of this show, it brings back the reality in reality tv! Thanks Sinbad for helping to ease daily stress with your ability to connect to people while keeping it real!

  24. I want to see Sinbad back on tv. He is so wonderful and does not have to say one dirty word. So Funny Give me back my show It was a good show and just stopped. Get it back on Air!!!!!

  25. That show made me want to go out and get a hobbie. I want to go to the shooting range now.. I think that would be so sexy for me !!!!


    • bwahahahahahah You and I both. But let’snot post how she promoted women going and getting guns if we want the show back on…hahahah Thanks for responding.

  27. i really miss the show its like a real family show that u can relate to

  28. My daughter and I was just talking about the abrupt disappearance of one the BEST reality shows ever. I have always been a fan of Sinbad because he was just funny to me. Then when I learned of his family and got to meet them, I liked them even more. I recorded the show and kept up with it during the marathons. I hate I deleted them after I watched them cause I would watching them right now. WE WANT THEM BACK ASAP. And put them on DVD so they can come into our home.

  29. I would like to see the Sinbad reality show back on tv. Me and my family looked forward tp watching it every Tuesady night after the Braxtons. Sinbad show that family needs each other and that family is important and plus the show is funny. So please put the Sinbad show back on tv tuesday nights have not been the same.

  30. CeeCee Otis – 19 hours ago

    Wetv, Sinbad’s reality show should be allowed to complete the first season as well as afford the fans the opportunity to view the live-taping of a reunion. Sinbad and his family are entertaining, realistic, and a true representation of how families can become separated and the strength of a true bond and love allowed them to reunite. This show focused more on family values and building legacies versus what pop culture reality tv has bombarded us with as of late, including the constant display and obsession with bling, two-faced cat fights, sex scandals, and back-stabbing. Look forward to Sinbad and his family’s return sooner than later.

    True Fan,

  31. I love this show! What’s the problem why was it taken off the air so abruptly? Not even a final episode? WHY?… Was it too positive for a black family? Not enough drama? Not enough dysfunction? Did they seem too normal? What’s the reason? Please bring this show back!


    I was telling my friends and family about it. it is an awsom comic and human being and I can’t wait until he’s back in Illinois. ######11111111FAN

    ByL Lynn Price

    Lyn Price – 10 hours ago

    I mean he’s an awsome Comedian and a Great Human Being Please let him and His wonderul Family Back on. Oh and Sinbad didn’t pay me to say this.Lynnie.

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