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Lisa Raye~ Nature vs Black Folks

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 26 May 2011 at 10:02 pm

Episode 1: My Intro to Lisa Raye

Episode 2: Take 2, Literally

Episode 3: What Chilli Wants?

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Episode 8: Momeger

Okay, so Kai is turning 21 years old….and her mom is coming along? The devil is a lie!!!! lol. Please tell me I misheard the commercial…lol.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #ALLWHITEDiamonds

Lawd! The way that Kai came back at her mom…. I feel her and I agree with her. But my mama would have jumped across that bed and popped me in my face. lol.

But I want to know who the camera man was that had to film Lisa Raye taking her clothes off to get in the shower. I ask because that jewelry rack was perfectly placed in front of her. And it was priceless to see Kai turn the cold water off on Lisa Raye while she was in the shower….lol. Again… WHO is the camera man who gets to see Lisa Raye running butt naked with an ill-placed towel on to try and get Kai back? lmao!

LMAO!!! The friend that was suppose to know how to put the tent up and doesnt is enough to make me not g on the trip…lol. Quincy is cracking me up sitting on the sideline. Did Candy cut her hair? And I know that Lisa Raye is a white clothes wearing woman… but to go camping? WAAAAAAAAAAAAIT! She puts liquor in her tea? I have some pomegranate tea in the cabinet and some vodka in the fridge…. this might be a great night. I’m gonna try it and let y’all know how it goes…lol.  And Kai cussing in the back after she got kicked out of L-Raye’s truck and into the other car made me bite my lip.

WAAAAIT… y’all saw Tom jammin?! What song was he jamming to?

LMAO! Did L-Raye say that she is not going to use the bathroom for 2 days? Okay, let’s see how long that lasts.  I mean $600 for camp food and supplies…. that is about 8 months worth of groceries for me…lol. I wonder what is wrong with Lisa Raye’s chest and why it is hurting her. See, that would have been my cue to tell them fuck all this camping stuff, wrap it up and get me to the nearest hospital. She looks like she is suffering. But I love how Tom has turned in to Negro M.D. Was it really liquor that caused her to get sick? Okay, I may not try this tea and liquor tonight if that can happen.

LMAO!!! Lisa Raye put tissue up her nostrils so she wouldnt smell the outdoor toilet…lmao! Hilarious! Damn, that is the largest tent that I have ever seen in my life. LMAO!!! And Lisa Raye peed in the bushes because she refused to use the outdoor toilet. hahahahaha! They wrapped this stuff up like they were on the Underground Railroad and they heard the dogs coming….lol.

I mean, I have NEVER been to Las Vegas, but at 21…. I swear y’all I would have done something too off the chain and wouldnt be here to write this blog…lol. Wait. Y.G? Young Gangsta? lmao!!!!! Dear Black Males, please oh please stop tatting your neck if you do NOT have at least a 2 million dollar trust fund. Wait… did Lisa Raye really check everyone’s I.D.? I mean, Kai is not turning 16.  Wait…. did someone call the stripper pole a “safety rail”. lmao! And Kai is chugging a bottle of Cristal? And whoooa!! Let me find out that Kai can dirty wind!!!!. Damn ! That WAS the Real World Las Vegas  suite.  I remember watching that season. So, L-Raye… I’m turning 31 this year….. you want to be my mama?

Ummmm can someone please tell me that Kai is NOT feeling Y.G. WAAAAAIT!! Lisa Raye got everyone shoes & purses as gifts for Kai’s birthday?

Oh snap! Is this an hour long episode/finale? I thought I was going to have time ti get back to The Neverending Story  on Retroplex….guess not.

Now, I am on Kai’s side about this. I think that Lisa Raye should have set the room up and then let the kids find it on their own. Hell, hire one of the camera men to take pictures of their entrance and then take still shots from the video. Then the next day….tell her she is there. But, at the same time… your mama could have chucked you the dueces after the party bus….lol. Be grateful!

LMAO! QUincy’s mohawk!!! I don’t remember his hair ever being that long. Is that weave?

I love the “Real McCoy” floating music during Rick Thomas’ Vegas magic show. Didnt it look like Rick Thomas choked the shit out of that dove and then he pulled it apart into 2 doves? And maybe this is me. If Lisa Raye knew that she only had 2 minutes to get backstage and change….why didn’t she put on a white sundress to make it easier on herself? Just asking. Maybe the weather didnt call for it. But……WOW!!!! The way that L-Raye disappeared!!! Fabulous! hahaah Kai called her a show girl…lol.

I called it! I knew that Quincy was leaving as L-Raye’s personal Assistant. WOW!!! Quincy is 43? Says who? I need to see his I.D. because I wouldnt put him a day past 32.  But at least he spoke his mind and knew that it was time to move on. I applaud him.

This was a great season…. I wonder if there will be another season. But this one was a great one, in my opinion.



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~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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