The Braxtons~ Vodka and a Pickle

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 18 May 2011 at 12:01 pm

Episode 1: Burmuda or Bust Tamar in the Face

Episode 2: Gets Wasted

Episode 3: Happy Birthday and Tamar.com

Episode 4: Lupus.org

Okay, sooooo last week I was sick ( which has been the trend for me lately) SO I missed it and I send my deepest apologies. Soooo, I wanted to make sure that I caught you up today. Now, let’s see what the ladies are up to, shall we?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 22, #THISBITCH.com

I want to go to Russia!!!!! Okay, so, Tamar was suppose to meet them in Atlanta to rehearse but didn’t. And THEN ThisBitch.com asked to be brought back a bottle of Russian Vodka! Well, hell… at least Trina is going to work on her marriage.

Okay… SKANK ALERT!! Be woman about yours Tamar!!!! If you didn’t want to go, just speak up and say that you don’t want to go and she could have prepared better. You are so full of SHIT!!! OH I want to smack this woman in her clavicle!!!! And every time she speaks to Vince I just want to shake my head. I feel like she married him just so that she could be spoiled and then have her record done by her husband because he is such a powerful man in the industry. I could be wrong, but she doesn’t seem to be appreciative of a damn thing this man does for her.

DAYUM!!!!!! Trina’s husband just admitted that he was a sex addict. Lmao!!! And wow… married for 7 and cheated for 5 and you are JUST now trying to have counseling? Hmmmmm. I don’t know if I could forgive any of this mess. She is a better woman than I could EVER be!

Trick.. SHUT UP!!!! I need for Tamar to shut up or put up! Point, blank, period. I am so Overthis.com! You don’t want a record… you just want the fame. If she wanted this, she would put in the work.

From what I see, Towanda is too GREAT of a person for her to be married to Andre. Like, the way that she wants to be with her children, it just pains me to see how sorry of a man Andre is and not really helping her… ugh! It just makes my skin crawl.

So, how do you lose luggage? Wow…. EVERY time?  I think that is a sign that you need to get to the airport on time to ensure that your luggage gets on early enough. But that is just me.

Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins, has kept the weight off…. Congrats!!!!

Did Tamar just say that she did the “Single Ladies look that Beyoncé had on first? Where? But at least there is some common sense with all of these music people, because they are making more sense than Tamar. LMAO!!!! Dark Child said “man of the house” PREACH!!! And just by the faces that Tamar is making is just showing me that she is not ready to be married… submit to your husband woman. You can make demands once you get on top of those charts, you don’t get to make them JUST because you are Vince’s wife.

Wait… did Trina just admit to not being able to read a map? LMAO!!! They got happy with finding one Black Russian….lol. Funny. And Trina WOULD find the Russian Vodka. Lol. So their toast is like Sestrovia (sp) Hmmmm. And who would ever think to put pickles with Vodka? I’m gonna have to try that next time I have Vodka… but is it only with Russian Vodka? Hmmmm.

LMAO!!!! Yes, Toni…. Knowing that you have to do #2 before EVERY show is TMI!!!! Lmao!

I almost pee my pants when Toni imitates the Russian audience…lol. Toni is such a character and I love getting to see this side of her. She is hilarious!!! And this guy that comes on the stage that comes and dances with her…..wow!

Trina, Trina, Trina….. how many bottles of Vodka and Champaigne did she have? I mean, she looks a HOT MESS when Towanda came to her door. Wow!!! She needs to stop, she looks like she is a day away from rehab.

And all that I will say about Tamar meeting with her stylist, Davida, is…. BULLSHIT!  First off, the outfits that she tried on looked a HOT ass mess and if that wind that she keeps doing is all that she can do, then boo…. You wont make it. Secondly, the way in which she just punked her husband on national TV is so damn disrespectful. Who admits to doing that to their spouse? That is sooooo disrespectful and makes him look like he just got played. I swear this woman pushes all of my buttons. See, she thinks that she is running things, but the fact that she just showed her hand confirmed to me how stupid she is. Ugh!

Wait… did THISBITCH.com just say secketary and not secretary?!!!! LMAO!!! Ghetto ass…lol.

WOW!!! Towanda and her family are getting evicted TOMORROW because of the issues on the house that they are renting? Ummm… and what did Andre try to do to help with this situation? I feel like Towanda is doing EVERYTHING! Ugh… I cant stomach anything else.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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