Lisa Raye~ ….Get Out The Kitchen

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Episode 1: My Intro to Lisa Raye

Episode 2: Take 2, Literally

Episode 3: What Chilli Wants?

Episode 4: Birth of a Runner

Episode 5: JemsLifeForASPS.org

If I remember NOTHING else…. my future husband, Chef G Garvin, is on this episode. So, shut up and let me watch this episode.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #ALLWHITEDiamonds

So, I had a very HARD day at work. I have a migraine and really wanted to just come in and go straight to sleep, but I needed a pick me-up…….this is doing it!

Waaaaaaaaait! Did Candy just sit there and say that the best mac & cheese was the kind with the government cheese…lmao!!! That was funny. And wow!!! This cook-off challenge literally came out of nowhere. So I guess that there was more conversation that got edited.

I am looking at the outside of Lisa Raye’s house…. and I must admit, it doesnt look like it would be a house that Lisa would choose. Why in the hell is the house not white? I’m just saying.

Okay, so now Lisa Raye is trying to be on her Sonja Norwood? And I am listening to Lisa Raye being a “momeger” and it seems so casual and laid back and not very manager-ish. And then she threw in a pitch for them to send her clothes in a size 6…..lmao! Hood fab.

I would go to buy Apple Bottom, but I dont have an apple or a bottom….so I would be in penalty for stepping foot in the store…lol. As president of Donk Deficiency Anonymous, I have to represent for the assless. lol.

Beverly Johnson’s daughter, Anansa, is gorgeous!!! But then again, I have to say this…..she looks like what the modeling industry wants plus size girls to look like. She has the slanted eyes and high cheek bones with the long hair. I want them to let everyone be represented. Can we get darker skin tones, kinkier hair, etc. I am not knocking either of them for working out their hustle….but I want the industry to give someone who looks like me and not someone who is shaped like me. Is that too much to ask? Either way….they both are beautiful.

I want a photo by Derek Blanks!!!!!! He will superimpose the Royal Wedding in Kenya if you ask him too! lol.

Kai is ROCKING this Apple Bottom photo shoot. The one with the black dress and she is standing up…… PRICELESS!!! That is gorgeous!!! I want that dress….. *googles*

HERE COMES MY HUSBAND!!!!!!!!!!! Damn, his hands even look sexy as hell. Dear Lord, I have NEVER prayed to you for a husband, so the fact that I am coming to you now should tell you how serious I am. Please let me be found by Chef G. Garvin….lol. Wait, no lol… I’m serious! Yummy… he looks as delectable as his food is. *shivers* LMAO!!! Did Chef G. Garvin do the Huxtable Jump-back at the “from the side” joke? hahahahahaha.

CANDY BETTER BACK THE HELL UP OFF MY MAN!!!!! *Takes off earrings* *Blocks her prayer* Y’all think that I am playing…. I want G. Garvin.  I want to be Mrs. Chef G. Garvin….lol.

And……. I think that Lisa Raye tried to burn their throats with that burger….lol. But at least she won the cook-off. The only thing that is starting to bug me is these little 2 word commentaries Lisa Raye does. “It was down to the wire” or “What was I to do?”. They needed to fill up the 30 minutes? lol.

Awwwww…. it is over? Chef G. Garvin is gone already? Okay, so…. who out there can get me a date with Chef G. Garvin?This is not a TEST or a JOKE… I’m so serious. Do I need to cook? I can cook for him. I’m from the south where in order to breathe in your house you have to cook by the age of 8. lol.  But this was a good episode to watch. Next week’s episode looks good too. And scene.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~





~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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