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Love and Hip Hop~The Finale But Not the End

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Episode 1: Should’ve Called It Rap

Episode 2: Basketball Jump-offs Set to Music

Episode 3: Hater to the Left of Them

Episode 4: Willie Lynch’s Dream

Episode 5: High School Clicks

Episode 6: Indignant Proposal

Episode 7: Family Affair

Episode 8: Finale


Okay, after last week’s episode I really just want to set Fab’s balls on fire! but since I would get arrested for such an attempt, I will just say that he is not a real man. Not much else I can say…ready for this week’s episode. Oh Yeh, Olivia’s manager…. he’s still a bitch! Let these people talk. GROW THE FUCK UP! Okay…showtime.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, #MyMicSoundsNice Check 2

So, I was soooooo shocked when I found out that this was the Finale?!!!! Didnt I JUST start dogging this show out a few weeks ago? Isn’t SOmaya still a no name wannabe? Olivia a scared cling-on who sings beautifully? Emily the main side chick to Fab? Chrissy the headstrong rich in-house wifey?

Okay, Mama Jones…..sitcho (yes, sitcho)  Frankie-looking behind back, no disrespect….let this man live his life. And did Mama Jones just say that Chrissy didn’t know how to be family “orien-tated”? Families have orientations now?

I simply LOVE Chrissy’s red shoes!!!!!!!! Her style is on point at times.

Okay… Jim needs to teach a class on how to treat your woman. This walk and hotel room is gorgeous and sexy!

And I know that I don’t know everything that is going on in their relationship…..btu from the snippet of what I see, this man is showing you the way that HE loves you. Not the way you want him to love you, but the way that he KNOWS how to love. The ONLY time you should complain is if he isn’t loving you the way you NEED to be loved. Wanting and Needing him to love you a certain way are two totally different things. Pick your battles.

Okay, I am all for a strong black woman, but Chrissy is making it hard for the rest of us. Honey, you never give a man an ultimatum. I repeat, you NEVER give a man an ultimatum!!!!! You played your hand and gave him the power when you stepped out of your role and proposed to him. If he wasnt moving at your pace….take a break and if he wants you…he will find you.  BUT I SWEAR IF I SEE YOU IN THE STREET I AM PUNCHING YOU IN THE THROAT!!!!!! Strong women dont propose to a man! WHERE FUCK DO THEY DO THAT AT?!!!!! We are strong enough to make the man come to us, and if the one we want doesnt come, move on to the next one. If he doesnt know if he wants to marry you after 6 years, then nothing you can say will make him marry you in another two if he doesnt damn well please. OH MY BLOOD IS BOILING BECAUSE OF THIS!

Ummmmm, Mashonda seems to smile every time that Emily comes and tells her that her relationship with Fab is shaky. I am not saying she is happy to hear the news, but she does have this subtle grin on her face. If I’m lying…replay the tape. Maybe it is just the way her face is, either way…a smile/smirk is on her face.

What is up with Somaya and this pleather, pink crop jacket? That jacket is so small  that it looks like her breasts are being smothered by a pack of fruity Bubbalicious bubble gum. And I wish that Somaya would stop hyping Jim Jones like that. See how yall gas people up. You were NOT gonna get mirked on television while the cameras were on. Point. Blank. Period. So please, stop testing my intelligence with your television thug act.  If he wanted to mirk you because he was a REAL thug, fuck a camera….he would be behind bars right now. End of story. So, not that we have all of this phony bullshit out of the way… NEXT! *Proceeds to buy Somaya clothes that fit her*

I am still laughing on the inside that Mama Jones is rocking a shirt that says, ” Idaho?” lmao! REALLY?!!!! She wants Chrissy to give Jim a baby? Tell that negro to marry her and she will give him a baby. That’s how I see it. So until your son is ready to make it official so that his child wont be a bastard child….you wont get a grandchild.

I need to have a sleepover at my house with my girls. I mean, damn! This sleepover should have been called Breast Fest.But I find it hilarious that Chrissy is in a onesie with the footies…lls. And wait….did Emily just say that she thought that most of Fab’s songs were about her? Which one? PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can go back and analyze.

Wait…that’s it?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My conclusion on the entire season? Ummmm, I am just as confused now as I was when I first started watching. I want our celebs to do better for themselves. They have been allotted the opportunity to have a better life than most and they are still behaving as if they live in the projects and push a hood-rich decked-out Honda. I expect more. I feel like they are wasting what they have. Again, I say they are nothing but glorified niggers. You will only make me change my opinion when they change their behavior. Not asking them to be role models, but I am asking them to do better for themselves.  I have a feeling that they will be back for a second season. By then, I pray that these women will learn to step their self-esteems up a notch to the point where they wont have to wait on a man, cling to a group, complain about a man, and claim to be more than what they are. I pray that some things happen in the meantime. I know it wont be worth entertainment for them to improve themselves, but I do pray for them to improve.


~My Mother’s Daughter*~

The Borgias~ F.ornication U.nder C.onsent of the K.ing

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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

Episode 3: Stench of Borgia

Episode 4: Something Borrowed (Lucrezia’s Wedding)

Episode 5: Borgias in Love

Episode 6: F.ornication U.nder C.onsent of the K.ing (The French King)

Episode 7: Death on a Pale Horse

Episode 8: The Art of War

Episode 9: Nobody

I should have written this last night, but I had to prepare for this morning. But, rest assured that I did at least watch the show…. so, shall we?

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, ,2 , 2, 2, 2 #CrimeMurderFamilyAmen

Okay, off the bat…. this episode was clearly a reflection of a sexually oppressed writer. I think the only male butt and female’s breast I didn’t see in this episode was Vannozza ( the mother of the Pope’s children) and her husband. There were freaks to the left of them, freaks to the right of them….lol.

So, outside of all the blatant fornication, there really was some progression in the plot….I think. Rovere was still milling about the country trying to bring France to Rome’s front door. Which to me is the STUPIDEST thing to do. Why kill innocent lives just to bring down the papacy? I feel like I should have called on the Charmed sisters. P3 to the rescue!!! But he succeeded in getting the King Charles of France to agree to begin a war, right after he showed him the destruction that a cannon can do to a castle wall. Yes, I have always wanted to shoot a cannon into the side of my own castle wall……sign number one.

Lucrezia has quickly settled in to her role of Battered Wives 101. After setting up Swartza to fall off the horse, where he subsequently broke his leg, she has taken on the role of his caretaker. He immediately apologizes for the way that he treated her merely because she has Borgia blood in her veins. She wipes it away as she has more tricks than this up her sleeves. She later mentions to Cesare that she finds that a confined husband is a more tame husband.  Her an Paulo kick up their sexual raunchiness up a notch. Yes, nothing says “freak me baby” like poison ivy in the ass after a romp in the forrest or sex on an old, creaky maritial bed. Even the servants are helping to keep Paulo and Lucrezia’s sexual activities under wraps. Swartza once heard the bed squeaking from the room he now sleeps in due to his injury and seeks out the cause of this noise. He was under suspicion that some sexual activity was going on, but the servants stopped him in the hall by showing him that the noise he heard was merely the squeaky butter churn. CLEAR GENIUS!!!

Juan was supposedly next in line to be married, as Cesare is now a cardinal and cannot be married. They show the bastard daughter of King Ferrante of The House of Aragon (Naples). It is agreed that Joffre, the youngest who I believe is only 13, will be the one to marry her. Juan makes up some excuse that he must go check out this betrothed woman on Joffre’s behalf. Upon getting to Naples he has dinner and is given Sancia, the Dukess ( which is my first time hearing the term), as a tour guide of the castle. Sancia and Juan found it rather erotic to have sex on the table of the embalmed dead people who King Ferrante kept in his castle. Yes, THIS was new levels of freakdom for me.

Another level of Freakdom is that Sancia still married Joffre Borgia, and moments before entering the marital bedroom to consummate their marriage, she was behind the wall having sex with Juan. Yes, I find it highly creepy and a means to file a child molestation charge on those who felt it okay for a 130year-old Joffre to consummate his marriage with this 20-something-year-old illegitimate child of King Ferrante.  The scene, down to the fade out was rather creepy and uncomfortable to me. Just saying….. But at least his mother was allowed to attend his wedding. And oh… Cesare and Vannozza picked up on the subtle clues that when it came to Joffre’s betrothed wife…. Juan already hit that…lol. Well, they gave that impression, any way.

Cesare, which I find it interesting to keep hearing everyone pronounce his name Chess-ah-ray, finally gets some booty from the nobleman’s wife. For 3 weeks they broke her wedding vows and some of his Cardinal vows as well, just for her to discover that her husband was found dead with knife wounds to the chest. She feels guilty, gets all dramatic, Cesare says that he will hunt her down and she will never get rid of him, and she joins a nunnery. *Cues Shakespeare Abridged* “Get thee to a nunnery!”

Juan happens to be at his mother’s cottage when her husband shows up; not to be confused with the Pope, mind you. He gets enraged and beats the living spit out of this dude. All under the premise that rumor has it one of the Borgia children are indeed Vanozza’s. Juan confronts the Pope, to which the Pope replies “You are our son”. I think he was speaking in the papacy sense, as in You are the son of the Pope, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. I don’t think that he means, Mine and your mother’s.

There is soooo much here, and judging by the simple Google search that I did to find Sancia’s name, this series could go on for YEARS!!!!! I don’t want to spoil it, but research showed me that people get married more than once, and the debauchery continues! STAY TUNED!!! Amen


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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