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Episode 1 & 2: The New Tudors?

        Primed and ready to write. Sitting here blogging and webcam chatting with my boy Steve (interesting to say the least since it is booty call hours….and that is where I shall leave that) But he has perked my interest to write more honestly about this episode as it comes on. Yes, I too am turning down cuddle time to blog. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!!!!! My grind is starting to take a weird turn for the lonely! lol. This is the 3rd time I have done so. Oh well!

        Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2 Crime, Murder, Family, Amen

        Wow…. I love this show. I have to remember how to spell everyone’s name. Of course I know Juan… but Cesare… I must try to remember. Wow…did Rodrigo just say that he thought that Jesus was crucified by Romans…lol. Funny.. WAIT!!!!

        The prince of Naple’s voice is highly annoying. And this Cardinal snitching on Borgia is retarded. But what was the purpose of a room full of dead stuffed people? I am so confused. entertained, but confused. So much dramatics just to rid the stench of Borgia.  So were the dead his father’s advisories?

        It baffles me why the father would send the stupid son to war? What does the pope get out of keeping Cesare there? OH MY WORD!!! Why is the traitor helper dude sitting in the banquet hall full of dead people just staring at them? I am soooo creeped out by that. Yuck! So not sexy. I have to see if there is any truth to a banquet hall full of dead people as soon as I can figure out whose house this is supposed to be.

        I guess I will have to watch this long enough to figure out why Cesare doesn’t want to be a cardinal. And why are men giving men massages? Wouldnt they have done as the Greeks do and have the women massage them?And they had face masks back then? lol. funny.

        HOLD THE FUCK UP! Did they just kiss the Pope’s SHOE & his pinky ring? Get the hell up out of here! Oh hell nawl!!! You’d have to banish me from the damn church. I have a hard enough time grasping the concept of drinking after damn strangers out of the communion cup… and now I have to kiss a mofo’s shoes?!  Talk about faith! If it takes that for me to follow God, I’m switching to Allah!

         And damn!!!! The assassin got caught in the pool, but I was typing and didn’t see how. Damn! But I did catch a glimpse of the Cardinal’s package. He has more faith than a mustard seed….I likey! But the Assassin failed. Yet, how do you get your ass whooped under water? Ok…it came on again directly after so I got to see how the assassin turned around to get his weapon and the Cardinal caught him in the pool and recognized him by his scars.

        And I know that the last episode had hem trying to bring out the pope’s extramarital affairs, but he is just bold about it now.

      And the muslim from Constantinople (sp) is actually quite cute. Lovely.

        And wow, they want to marry off Lucrezia, but isn’t she only 14 years old? Ewww creepy!

         I think that she and  Jem ( the Muslim) should date.  Wow, it is cool to see Juan & Jem call each other brother. And to think there was a time where Christians and Muslims werent burning each others Holy Books. smdh.  And Juan is a horrible swordsman.

        WAIT!!!!! The Pope just told Cesare last episode that their papacy stops at murder and then he contemplates killing Jem for 400 thousand ducats? I cringe at the thought that a man of God would consider such a proposition. This really is testing my overall faith.  I mean, he didn’t call Jem a heathen until he was seen dancing with Lucrezia.  Shame…..and it begins;separation between Muslim and Christians.

        I swear, this incestual chemistry is creeping me out between Lucrezia and Cesare. But I guess that is what they did back then. Wasnt it Henry VIII’s family that was full of incest so badly that they had the mutated jaw?

         WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAH!!! Jem wants to become a Christian based on the fake Christianity that the House of Borgias has granted him in his stay. My heart just dropped out of my chest! And now this confession will give them a reason to kill him as long as he confesses his sins before God before he is killed!. Reminiscent of Hamlet’s father, right?

        And it baffles meat how the pope’s mistress is allowed to spend so much time and have such an influence on Lucrezia.

        Poor Jem! He is dying such a horrible and painfully slow death. I want to cry. Shame. And then the black man gets blamed for him being poisoned.  I am literally ready to yell at my television screen as if I can change history. Talk about great cinematic play. but it shames me to know that the vatican floors are paved with blood in such an unrighteous fashion.  I can’t watch this….. NO, JEEEEEEEM! I hate Juan’s stupid ass for smuggling Jem. Ah! if you knew how it makes me want to scream as a Christian right now you would understand my hatred stems from a raw place. I needed not watch this.

        And how DARE the pope pray for protection in the wake of such sins! Do Catholics really think that they can continuously sin and continuously ask for forgiveness? Is that how it works? AH!!!

        Next week looks enticing!!!! And I hear that the mother is not invited to the wedding? oooooooh! Yummy!

        I am falling in  love with this show and have no way of understanding how I actually have emotional reactions to each scene.  I’m confused. In short, it is soooo hard to watch and type for this show. It gets so good that I want to sit and watch, but then I will forget my immediate responses. Shame. What is a girl to do?


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. […] back drop to this performance. It reminds me of the King of Naples’  Table of the Dead from The Borgias. This piece is gruesome and yet gorgeous at the same time. It is my definition of ugly beauty. The […]

  2. I too share your confusion and love of this series. I just watched the first 5 episodes straight through and I’m hooked. I am not sure what it is that I’m hooked on exactly, but nonetheless, I continue to watch. As for King Ferrante’s table. It is true that he was rumored to keep his enemies close to him either in cages or embalmed. He is said to have also taken great pleasure in showing off his mummies to visitors of his castle. I thought I should share this piece of info. with you because I also like to go through the show picking out the bits of fact amongst the fiction. I look forward to reading more of your blogs.

    • WOWZERS!!! Thanks! Your comment has added to the start of an already amazing day. And the fact about King Ferrante, yuck! Talk about craaaaaaaazy, deraaaaaanged…lol. But the actor they got to play his son, I love his acting choices, just that his voice kills me. lmao!. But I will keep writing, and thanks a ton for reading!~2D

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