Breaking In~ Crazy Old Lady

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 14 April 2011 at 2:01 am

       Soooooo, I happened upon the pilot for this show while watching Hulu…. the Black dude on here… will figure out his name shortly… is friggin hilarious. He said something about his costume ( Star Wars, I think) and said that he couldn’t dress that way because he was black. And his comback? Well, “Obama” lmao! I about fell out of my seat at this secret location that some may call… well, you know where I was…lmao! Check it out in the video below!~

       With that short introduction out of the way. I had to watch it, it wouldn’t have been right for me to be so enticed and not watch its premiere episode on Fox. And we all know how much I am not really a fan of FAUX,per say…but they keep bringing me back with these great shows. And I know, you are use to the afro-centric shows, well damn it….broaden your horizon.

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 #5FingerDiscount

        Melanie Garcia (surveillance), Cameron Price ( hacker), Josh Armstrong (master of disguise), & Cash (gadget guy)….they comprise the entire Contra Security team. Now, you have to know the background to this. Cameron was attending college when Josh posed as a fellow classmate who wanted to get his grades changed in order to graduate from college. Cameron gave him the passcode to hack into the teachers system….and the rest, as they say, is history. So, Christian ( who’s character’s name I currently do not know) broke into his dorm room, called him out and offered him a job. Contra Security gets hired by wealthy companies to break into their businesses for them so that they can understand what security measures they need to improve upon or to claim insurance. Nice job to have, right? And I got all of this from the pilot.

        And judging by this first scene, we are far BEYOND the pilot. I mean, so much went on that you will have to YouTube it yourself or get a Hulu account; never leave home without them. lol.

        Cameron has been made a team leader to rob a few old ladies. I am sooooo praying that this show doesn’t get clichĂ© or unbelievable. I reaaaaaaally wanted to love this show but the first couple of scenes are driving me crazy. Christian doesn’t even look the same. And Melanie’s boyfriend, Dutch, yucky! But okay. I have been accused of complaining so much lately that I will try to contain myself, even though I am watching this at 1:20am so it can be posted byt the time the rest of the world wakes up. Oh sure, I just finished hosting a poetry show and my roommate is randomly walking around the house and freaking me out because she should be asleep…. and this Old Navy commercial is creeping me out with all this singing & dancing….but you dont care. *Fast Forward*

        LMAO!!! Cash just taught me something. He said that actually it is Panino and not Panini; panini is plural. So Cameron rebuttals with… so ” that’s why you dont get any vagino” lmao! Classic comedy…or I am drunk and sleepy, either way I laughed. But I need to research that… brb.

        Well I be John Brown…. he is telling the truth. So the next time I walk into a deli I can say, “please make me a chicken panino” and be correct. Hmmmmm. See I like Cash, and not just because he is the token black dude, or because in the picture above the harness is making his package look very appealing, but because I genuinely like his character. Especially when he can teach me something new.

        I love how Amy (Alyssa Milano) is a dentist and Cameron is attempting to date her. Wait…she is a cougar?! LMAO!!!!!!!! ROTFFLMAOLS!!! Cash found out Amy was a cougar and he said…and I quote… “Oh snap, my boy is tapping the grave! Open the coffin, no six feet!” LMAO!!! Who says that?! Ouch! I laughed so hard my jaw hurts. I think I have TMJ, and it hurts so bad but I cannot stop laughing!!!!!!! Okay, I will have to keep watching this show! Well, at least Cameron isnt trying to fawn over Melanie. Shame.

        OH YEH!!!! OZ!! I remember now, Christians character’s name is OZ.

       LMAO!!! The old woman’s house that they tried to break into just jacked them up! lmao! So this isnt Red Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house. They all just got shot in the neck straight African Jungle tribe style…lol. How do you explain to your boys that you got your ass whooped by a house? You cant renew your street cred after that…smdh, but lls.

         LMAO!! Why is Cash rocking a pirate eye patch..lmao! And Josh lost his eyebrows…lmao!

       WAIT!!!!!! Amy is Oz’s wife, and sooooooo she has been tricking Cameron to get news out of his so that he wouldnt break into her house to steal Oz’s documents. LMAO!!! Cameron told Cash and Cash covers his mouth ( because Oz can read lips) and walks away from Cameron yelling ” No, I didnt hear that. I’m clicking un-friend”. So Cameron starts to explain how he came to date Amy and Cash yells “Cover your mouth, bitch” lmao!!! Okay, maybe this is one of those things where you “had to be there” but I guarantee you that this will still be funny when you catch a rerun. Lord, I think I woke up my roommate again with my laughter. And my jaw is screaming! *rewind* “Cover your mouth, bitch!” LLS. Yep, still funny. Cash is my favorite character. But noooooo they just didnt. Melanie and Josh walk up and to show their shock they both cover their mouths in unison to say “Whaaaaat?” Priceless.

        Where did Alyssa get a booty from? Wowzers!

       But the whole fact that they broke in to Oz’s house to get a jump drive, but then he reconciled with his wife…..and so it was all for nothing.. Yeh. I dont get it. But okay. I got a few laughs out of it. So they can stay.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~



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