The Real McCoy~Take 2, Literally

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 8 April 2011 at 12:10 am

Season 2-

Episode 1: My Intro to Lisa Raye

Okay, so…. is it normal for two episodes to come back to back or is it just because it is the season premiere? Either way, I am enjoying watching

Take 2….Literally!

Okay. I am understanding the interview portion with Jackie Reid.

Quincy’s face is hilarious when she said “homo” bag…lol.  Okay, now when Lisa Raye  must have the STRONGEST ankles in the world for her to double dutch in 4 inch heels!!! lol. Patrick ( the housekeeper) cracked me up jumping rope. But hell… she did it!!!! Let my ass try that shit. All kinds of joints would be broken and fractured.

Okay, she said that she needs to put on her work wig? Umm… have we seen Lisa Raye’s real hair? And by real I mean not purchased, borrowed with a follicle origination from her scalp. I mean, she is beautiful either way, in my eyes, but……what does she look like unaltered?! I digress.

I am really, really loving her wanting to take on action. Now, I must be honest… I am going to need to see her not playing a damsel in distress. LLS!!!! Her with this huge ass wig on is killing me!!!!!! It is so funny!!! I didnt know that she was this corny yet comical! She is hilarious!!! hahahahah I love it! Her combat training was fun to watch. I really do hope that she sticks with it.

LMAO!!! Quincy said that he was forced to be there.  LMAO!!! As soon as Lisa found out that the BBs could hit her in the face she about changed her damn mind. lol. She said ” Now look, I work with my face.” Well, this is what you decided to do to train. Angelina wouldnt care. She would have hopped right in and kept it moving. Sooooooo get to it , woman! Leh Go! Hell… I want to go to CQB‘s training facility!!! They are making this look so fun!!!

hahahah Lisa said that Tom fell like baby Huey!! hahahahahah They didnt cover a “man down” situation..lol. HILARIOUS!!!


Dear Celebrity, can you please market other items that we, as a community, need? Just asking.

Okay, I understand that she needs a line for people with booties. And as a chronic sufferer and the CEO of Donk Deficiency Anonymous, I do not feel her pain. BUT, I do know that there is a market for people who need jeans to fit. So, I am not knocking your hustle…. just saying that we have seen this hustle remixed more times than Diddy appears on his artists’ tracks.

Yes, I am laughing, just a little at the flat assed girl on the front row. I’m not pointing her out… just know that when you see it, or if you saw it… you will know. LMAO!!! I love the White girl with the ass. hahahah Lisa Raye had to ask her if she was white…hahaha. Priceless! Wait, did this girl just do a toe-touch after her number was called? smdh. Man, I am really hating that this white girl has more ass than I do. lol.

Next Week: Umm… the whole date situation and her commentary.  SMDH. I’ll save my thoughts for next week!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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