Let’s Stay Together and Die from Predictability

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 3 March 2011 at 12:02 am

Episode 1: Or Not

Episode 2: Filing for a Divorce

Episode 3: Simon Says

Episode 4: Kill Yourself!

Episode 5: Yes, I’m Still Watching

Episode 6: Give The Game This Slot Too

Episode 7: Ummm….

        Okay… this is how coming down off a crack or weed induced high must feel. I was just so excited about watching that episode of The Game and knowing that my homegirl Cristinia is gonna have a field day with her commentary and then I remembered that I had to watch this boring ass show.

Take Boredom in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, zzzzzzzz

        Okay, is this like Episode 8 and they are still starting the show off in the bedroom. I can’t remember but wasnt last episode the one where she was too afraid to get married? And yet they are all in love as if the last episode didn’t even occur? SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!!!!!

        Okay, am I the only one who realized that they roll the kids into the room and they always face a wall? I’m calling CPS on them. The kids never move, they never cry, people can have full adult conversation without ever taking the children out of the stroller. Shame. If you weren’t planning on showing the children… don’t write twins into the show!!!

        Yes, I realize I start everything off with “Okay”. But hell… if they can start every damn episode off in the bedroom, I can start off every paragraph with okay.

       SO KITA IS GOING TO SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR THIS ENTIRE EPISODE?!! THERE IS A GOD!!!! Can the rest of the cast sign on to her vow of silence.

        Ummm.. how did the Stacey see Tasha and Jamaal coming into the restaurant without even turning around. And are the kids named Emma & JJ? How is one named to go to Harvard and the other named to go to Howard? And why was she taking the sheets off the bed? I’m confused-ed!!!!! And why are they dressed so well to PAINT!!! Can we get any worse with the believability of this show?

        Speaking of painting… are the invisible twins with the invisible grandparents? I am so tired of waiting to see kids that don’t exist that it is giving me a migraine. I want them to surprise me. I can’t do it…..shoot me now! If I stop blogging about this…would you guys even mind? Hell.. I say invisible, because Jamaal just asked Charles if he has met his FIANCEE’s mother! Sooooo the only family member that he has met of Stacey’s is her sister Tasha? Where do her parents live? I’m confused. He can meet her friends from college, but not her parents? *side eye* Someone didn’t think this plot out.

        I feel like getting my fallopian tubes removed under local anesthesia than watch this shot. I would rather get my groove on with a 72-year-old man with erectile dysfunction even after using Viagra than watch this show. I would rather witness this imaginary baby pee all over Stacey….while she wears a shirt that she has yet to take off. Did she at least wash the pee off? Yep… I would rather get a Brazilian with old wax from a blind German woman than watch this show. I am almost positive that I would rather get gang raped by midgets with Prince Alberts than be forced to watch this next week.  No… I’ll go as far as to say I would rather exhume my mother and slap her than to….okay I think you get it. Is it over? Please let this commercial come back with credits. SHIT!

       Ummmm.. fuck a vow of silence. If a man came at me like that I would have to talk and then start the vow over after the fact. lmao!

       Grade: Oh hell… I still hate it. I ran out of clever flunking grades. I still don’t get this damn show. At least tonight they tied in the fact that they don’t know when the wedding is going to be. The DL relationship jokes between Jamaal and …damn what is the fiance’s name…it would have been funny but for some reason it didn’t stick. Can I be the first to start praying that they give The Game this time slot next season? And scene!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. […] that Joffre even existed. For a moment there I thought he was the Borgia version of the twins from Let’s Stay Together. […]

  2. This show is SUPER WACK!!! I haven’t been able to get through a whole episode without turning yet. I’m trying to be supportive but could yall please do better? I just have so many questions. Why did your husband choose to be a public defender? Why haven’t we seen your kids? Why is it that on the episode before this stacy (doctor) set her wedding date as June 31 when there are only 30 days in that month? And finally, if the lawyer and his wife are so broke why does she continue to remain unemployed as a stay at home mom when Kita watches her twins most of the time? Again, this show is WACK! LOL! The actors should all kill themselves.

    • Girl I feel you… I only watch it so I can blog about it. Better believe that if I hadnt started I wouldnt continue to watch it.

      But Stacy picked that date just to give a date, but at the end of the episode Charles told her it was only 30 days and she said that she will be ready when she is ready. BUT it does go to show how slow everyone else is because they were just a clappin’ away in excitement. If anything , Thelma, the wedding planner should have caught it.

      I have questions as well. Like, are we going to ever see the twins? Will they ever make a sound while in the room? Is Tasha really a stay at home mom? Who are the kids always with since they are ALWAYS out of the house? Why has Charlese NOT met Stacy & Tasha’s mom yet? How many times are they going to eat at the SAME DAMN RESTAURANT? Why is Kita’s accent so damn terrible and offensive? Why must EVERY damn episode begin in the bedroom? Why are Stacy & Charles always the first and last people we see in every got damn episode? Why are their plots independent of one another? Why are they ALWAYS around each other? Dont they have other local friends? Girl, the list goes on… but that is all I care to write before I get mad at the fact that I have less than 4 days until I have to watch it again. *sigh* Shoot me now.

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