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Pre-Season 4 Recap:   Dont Call It a Comeback Pt1           

Recap Episode 1: Don’t Call It a Come Back  Pt2                                                              

Recap Episode 2: The Game                                                             

Recap Episode 3: Derwin’s Got Some ‘splaining To Do 

Episode 4: The Game~ Worth Watching?

Episode 5: What Now?

Episode 6: Won’t Call it a Comeback

Episode 7: Kill Kelly

        Okay. Yes, I am obsessed. I turned down quality platonic cuddle time with a FINE man tonight simply because it was Tuesday and I had to blog The Game. Yes, I know you are thinking WTF is wrong with me… but don’t judge me. This is like my part-time job. I make moves happen with this blog. And besides, I can behave in my house watching The Game than set myself up and be wrapped up in his arms. I did mention that he is fine, right? I mean like, deep chocolate, Almond Joy kind of FINE. I mean, broad shoulders and chest on a tall man just how I like ’em kind of FINE. Knows how to…..oh.. my bad…ummm…where was I? Oh yeh, he’s FINE.  So, how funny is it that this episode trailed the fact that Melanie wants to get kinky….lol. I know a set up when I see one. lmao! The devil is busy.  Okay, I am all ready to watch it!

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, #GameOn Bitches!

        First off…….Malik Crying? I’m trying to go with that. Secondly… YALL KNOW DAMN WELL THAT IS NOT MO’NIQUE’S HAIRSTYLE! How yall gone try to play me. Yall know we watch Mo’Nique enough to know damn well she does that hair swoop piece in the front. Take 2, damn it, and give me Mo’s regular hairstyle. Umm….. was I the only one who noticed that Malik almost fucking fell jumping up on that couch like Tom Cruise? BET almost fucked around and had a “man down” trying to cross market…lmao! See, this is proof that black people aint use to jumping on people’s furniture. I twitch every time I put my feet on my own fucking furniture. I have flashbacks from a childhood where timeout didn’t exist. lmao!

        Awww, they are making Malik human again…..and then come the haters! I wondered what would happen to Malik & Meagan Good. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did she really just say she didn’t wax in a month and she knows how much Malik likes that? OM-JESUS! I’m praying for the writer who wrote that in. It had to be the same writer who wrote the line about Meagan not having a uterus. LAWD! I’ll make sure to pray for them all. But I am proud of Malik for putting his foot down, but something is telling me that Meg isn’t giving up that easily. So did he become a better lover after Robin? Because she said it was mediocre. Hmmm….I would be willing to find out for research purposes. What? DON’T JUDGE ME!. I told you I turned down cuddle time. Work with me, damn.

        Ummm…you couldnt pay me enough to throw a pair of panties in my mouth .lmao! And yeh… Jazz would be the queen of teaching people about how to please their men. LMAO! at Jazz’s line about how Melanie’s sex life has “all the excitement of a fiber commercial”. Do real wives check their husbands’ fan mail? Hmmm… And who is this limber hoe in Derwin’s room? lmao!!!! And speaking of limber hoes…. How did Meagan get in Malik’s room? Does her husband not pay any attention to her? Or is the Owner in the same city as them?

Teachable moment: Bitches, if a man puts you on blast on national TV, hell… LOCAL ACCESS TV, The RUSS PARR MORNING SHOW, or Pookie’s family reunion…. let that negro go! If you are fussing about his new and or OTHER bitch… let it go!

Okay.. I’m is confused-ed…yes…confused-ed. Why would Melanie care if anyone saw Jazz come to her house? Wasn’t she sitting in her living room with all of the Sun Beams about two scenes ago? And why would you go with a menage on your first freaky engagement.

WOW! Parker (Meagan) is off the chain! First off….did she just start screaming rape in a hotel room? Secondly… Malik fell for that? (Pause)

        Is Melanie sitting in a club asking this perfect stranger to be in a threesome with her and Derwin? WHat has two years done to Med School?!!! Doesnt she know you might want to get this bitch tested first? And okay… she may not be cuter than you but she is more of a hoe and a groupie than you!!! Run bitch, save your marriage. You just let a stranger know that you can’t please your man by your damn self!!!!! Ewwwww that is not even funny. This is sad. This screams rehab. NASTY!!!!

        Okay, back to Malik. If I were him, I would have picked up the phone, called my girl …much like how Parker threatened to call her husband….and would have told her everything that is going on. I would have grabbed my bag and walked the hell out of the hotel room and gone somewhere else. Or maybe it works out that easily in my head. But then again…everyone is not Rothlisberger and can get off with two rape charges. Maybe he did the right thing. But correct me if I am wrong but if you can’t get it up there will be no sex, right? But since he got it up…he was turned on by it. And apparently he got it up twice.

Awwww… Jena is the BEST thing for Malik this season. She can stay. Who is gonna help me run Parker over with a bus? And not because she is bad… but just because she is bad for Malik. I like the balloon idea…

CAN I COME JOIN IN WITH DERWIN?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ummmm… that was kinky. But did Med School just have her first girl kiss? KINKY!!!! I like it. Okay.. this is the BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……this season.

Grade: A++!!!!! They can stay!! And yes, the energy without Kelly made it so much better. Yes, I can tell the difference. THIS WAS THE EPISODE THAT I WAS WAITING FOR!!!! I feel like calling people I hate and hanging up. Yes, I will get the same amount of joy!

Next Episode: What? Tasha has a new hair color….damn was she even on this episode? Oh yes she was…okay. Blonde though? I have a week to let it grow on me. But TASHA IS A POTHEAD!? What is up with me and all of these caps? Hell I am excited.  Okay.. can’t wait to next week. they cant go back.. it is all up hill from here on out.


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. Parker! Haha Was I the only person who got excited when I figured out Meagan Good’s name…LOL “The owners wife” was just a lil’ too much to say…Umm yeah something is wrong with her! The whole uterus comment…smh…She’s lying!!! LOL I was like…yeah sure…that’s gonna come back to bite Malik in the butt!

    Med school was a mess! She had me laughing the whole time. She wasn’t ready for what she was offering. I’m with you on that “getting oh girl checked for anything” Med school wasn’t thinking that far ahead! I’m mad Derwin was like…”Nah do what you did before *Med school hangs head in shame!! LOL Yeah…I can do without Kelly for a lil’ bit. She seems too fake for me. but Jason!!??? Where’s Jason

    Even though you still don’t catch all the major characters in one episode, I actually laughed out loud and yelled back at the television like old times. You know when Kelly found out that Tasha hooked Jason up with Stacey Dash….or when the football player came out….(I loved those episodes!)

    Thanks for the recap for next week! Apparently, The Game doesn’t start exactly at 10 and end at 10:30 on the east coast. My DVR cut it off right when Derwin asked her to do what she was doing before….LOL (I even deleted Oprah episodes to make room….lol)

    *Thank the Lord for BET’s repeats of episodes!

    • Girl no!!!!!!!!! I know for a fact that Malik said Parker’s name before but I never heard it. Yes, this crazy bitch now has an identity!!! Lmao! I felt bad calling Meg a bitch when it was her character and not her. Lol.

      Girl, isn’t it funny that EVERYONE keeps calling her Med School? I mean really.. if this is what fame can do to you I want to stay un-famous. ….is that a word? And yes!!! See, that is why you never bring another broad into your bedroom. Mess around and have your man liking the other woman better…lol.

      And don’t worry…. Jason will be back next week.

      *Sighs* Yes, those were the good old days. But yes, I too was yelling at the TV….lol. I really was pumped about this episode and I have no clue why, but I like it. And girl…. Make sure that DVR is prepped always! So… what are you doing next Tuesday? Want to meet up and have a watch party?

      • Yes!!!!!!!!! Watch party it is!!! We are such faithful fans!!! haha 🙂

        • hahahahah Cool. Let me know what time and I am chipping in for pizza! hahaha I will blog while we are sitting there and input your commentary as well. lol!

  2. […] off a crack or weed induced high must feel. I was just so excited about watching that episode of The Game and knowing that my homegirl Cristinia is gonna have a field day with her commentary and then I […]

  3. Yeah girl. Jump off (Parker) and his new love should fight! I hate Megan Good’s part as a crazy hoe on this show. Oh well, but it does make the show quite interesting. BTW..I have a huge crush on Malik. We should date. I just need 2 casually bump into him the next time he is in the club in Montgomery. We would make a great couple!

    • LMAO!~ Girl… had I known he was from Alabama when I was growing up….. I swear I would have stalked him!!! That man is delicious! Simply irre….I think you catch my drift. I like Parker on this show. And I cant wait to see how this plays out. it just got good. Sucks that it took 8 Episodes, but now that they have dusted the 2 year cobwebs off…we’re back in business!!! We just need a little more comedy instead of all this drama.

  4. Girl u r so crazy! I forgot 2 comment abt Malik. When did he become so bitch like? Why is he scared of crazy (Meagan Good)? He just should have let her call her husband. Seriously, that chick is crazy. He needs 2 do something with that crazy slut soon and very soon!

    • Soon & Very soon…lol. You’re about to break out into a gospel song! hahahaha. but yeh, I concur. But that is tricky. Because he would have lost his career with the Sabers and since he was just in all of this trouble, he may not have been picked up by another team. But you know how it goes. I think it will play out. because Meg played crazy well!

  5. Um yeah so Melanie is a damn freak! She needs a fucking identity. Maybe she should start practicing medicine so she can have something to do. I mean really. SMDH!! What the hell is wrong with her?

    • Girl.. I was waiting on you to reply like a hoe for the results on Maury!!! I was thinkingt he same thing. Maybe that is what next episode will do. Maybe they will get her back into practice because she is all up in the ass crack of Derwin’s career when she faut so hard to have her own identity. I can’t wait until tomorrow to see what you say about Let’s Stay Together…lol.

  6. Omgg I feel the same way! Best episode this season by far! They are BACK!

    Check out my blog!!



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