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Let’s Stay Together~ Give The Game This Slot Too

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 17 February 2011 at 12:02 am

Episode 1: Or Not

Episode 2: Filing for a Divorce

Episode 3: Simon Says

Episode 4: Kill Yourself!

Episode 5: Yes, I’m Still Watching

        If you are able to both read and comprehend the English language, then judging by the title you should know how I feel about this show right now. I mean really. Is this how film critics feel while watching movies that suck? I know Ebert had to have snuck out of a boring ass movie to go get a hot dog at least once! (R.I.P). You can’t tell me he watched every single one of these horrible accounts of acting. Well, if he did…then I guess I have to as well.

        So, Last week, and the 4 weeks before it sucked. That is the only recap that I can honestly give you. I have no clue what the previews eluded to happening this week. I dont care either. So,

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, DAMN!

        Okay, soooooo I watched it but I wasnt paying attention. The previews bored me to tears and Kita’s fucked up accent made me regret being from the south. It was boring, it was horrible and I still have no clue what the overall gist was suppose to be. Again, as stated, the show started in the bedroom. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! and Kita was babysitting again when last time Tasha didnt like it.  And the engaged couple ended up makingg a big deal about havingg gifts fromexes only to wind up keepin every single one of the gifts.  WHY?

        I still see no point in this show. They dont connect, the plots are independent of one another and it is hella predictable. I am so damn bored of this. I cant even muster up enough energy to get witty with this description. So…. this is all that you will get. Yeh… and if I have to watch it next week, I swear I will slit my wrists. I’ll do it with a rusty spoon, just to prove my point at how painful watching this show is. Okay… just writing this is taking up too much time. I’m not even goin to prrof-read this. So suffer.


~*My Mother’s Bored Ass Hell Daughter*~

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