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Let’s Stay Together~Yes, I’m Still Watching

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 10 February 2011 at 12:00 am

Episode 1: Or Not

Episode 2: Filing for a Divorce

Episode 3: Simon Says

Episode 4: Kill Yourself!


         For those who think that I care about writing this… my bad, your fault. I wrote this two days ago at the same time I wrote The Game‘s review. So yes, I am still in that “I don’t give a damn” mood. So you better be thankful that I didn’t fall asleep and I chose to write this review. Yes… I said it. AND WHAT!?

        Sooooooo, there is not much connect from episode to episode or much meat within an episode, hence why the last blog was called Kill Yourself. There is a disconnect between shows. They wrap everything up in each episode which means that you can pick up at any episode and get what is going on. There is no real urge to set your DVR to watch previous episodes because you feel like you are missing something and you want to be in the loop. I guess that is a positive that The Game has going for them. For instance, Malik’s arrest has already lasted 2 episodes so you have to watch both to get what happened….that draws in a crowd’s interest. But this one is TOO predictable, which is what I wish would happen with The Game. I know that the show will start in the bedroom and end with the engaged couple stripping. BORING! Give me something.

        One thing that I can say about this show is that it is helping me in my personal life. As I am in the process of directing an upcoming show ( STAY TUNED) and assisting with editing the script… I am learning to watch for believability and continuity. Did we plant the seed for this scene in the previous scene? Did that acting choice make sense? Is this set conducive to what the scene is trying to convey? If we mention children…SHOW THE DAMN CHILDREN!!! Okay… enough of my banter…

Take 2 in 5, 4, 3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, …….does the show have to start? SHIT! Okay, 1.

I CALLED THAT SHIT!!!!!!! They started in the bedroom…..AGAIN!! Where’s my money, Bitch?! You mean to tell me that they don’t have a TV in the livingroom? They could have gotten a condo or a studio apartment with as much time as they spend in this ugly ass bedroom! I will run in my backyard in my undies for 30 seconds the day that this show DOES NOT start in the bedroom. Hell.. I MIGHT even post it. Keyword, MIGHT. And I mean really… can they stop pretending to act and do!

Wait…. what?! Kita is having sensual dreams about Jamal?

Wow.. what is this little kid’s name? You know, he played in Idlewild as the younger Rooster & Role Models (“This motherfucker tried to touch my hang dang”). Umm…*Google search* Bobb’e J. Thompson. He has grown up so much…kind of… but his voice is still the same. DAMN!!!! he is cock diesel! Why are teens working out like death row inmates these days? Damn…. does he have the Gary Coleman disease? He looks stunted. If he does, then these are all inappropriate jokes that I have already reserved a space in hell for as I continue to laugh while I type. Yep… he made this scene….

I mean really, do you stand 12 feet away from a cabinet to open it and pull that hard? I saw the gag coming a mile away like a DL brother singing Its Raining Men court side at a Laker’s game. This horrible acting and bad plot is killing me. Why am I watching this again? Ohm that’s right… so I can have something to complain about in my already perfectly blessed life! And Kita’s horrible ass dream plots are the PERFECT set up for me to complain all mother loving year-long! Would you EVER admit that you were having dreams about someone’s husband. FUCK NAWL! Sooooooo, we’re back to my point on lack of believability.

Like them working on this cabinet. It would have been believable if they would have put it together properly and then when finished it fell off the wall. I was already able to predict by the way that they were hitting the wall without any nails that this was going to turn out horribly. BE BELIEVABLE WHEN AIMING TO BE UNBELIEVABLE!!!! You play opposites! Isnt that Stanislavski or Uta Hagen, or someone! That is acting 101! I swear it is. I know… I have my Masters Degree in Fine Arts!!! These aren’t just jokes people… I know what the hell I am talking about. Just like how I knew that it would start AGAIN in the bedroom!!!! Jessyca just Facebooked me laughing at the fact that I called it. Hell… CALL ME NOW!!! Is Cleo out of jail?

I predict that… Ummmm. My ball is clowdy…lol. But, I bet you that it is either going to end in the bedroom or with a weak ass striptease. …….Okay, he just walked into the bedroom and woke her up… wait for it… wait for it. BITCH, GIVE ME MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Grade for this episode: N+… and that is ONLY because Bobb’e was on there. Kita’s over acting at the end made me itch… the fact that this show in NO WAY connects to the last show drives me up the wall. The fact that these are realistic yet over exaggerated plots are enough to make me hope in my SUV, take a 15 minute drive, hit Brantwood Drive and blow up BET studios ( JUST JOKES PEOPLE). I am TRYING to make something good of this. I swear I am…. I am begging for the writers to make this feel like a joyous occasion and less of a punishment. Okay… Mo’Nique is on…. I will continue to complain. MY STANDARDS ARE HIGH!!! If you can impress me then you will be a hit. And I know you are thinking, “Who the fuck are you.” And my answer is….. I was thinking the same damn thing about you, except you SHOULD know me! I’m 2Deep, Trick…Google me. Like Komplex says, “I’m Googleable”. And I’m outtie 5000!

Next Week’s Episode: Shit…. I just saw it and forgot it that damn quick…lol. Oh Well, watch it next week.


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