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Let’s Stay Together…. Kill Yourself Ep4

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Episode 1: Or Not

Episode 2: Filing for a Divorce

Episode 3: Simon Says

Okay, soooo I am slow as hell. Queen Latifah is the executive producer of this show. Dana and I literally share a cousin… true shit, put it on my mama….but I have to raise my eyebrow at my distant cousin’s show.

Starting the show off in the bedroom AGAIN!!!!? This is becoming boringly, yes…boringly, predictable. Surprise me! Switch it up in Episode 5…. start them out in the kitchen. Its called Let’s Stay Together and not Let’s Wake up in Bed Together. I mean there is no excitement in this. I promise you I am going to bash this show with no regret if every episode opens with them in bed. Sorry, cuz.

Okay… I actually laughed at the “Big Tooth Bastard” joke…. but is this her real accent or a horrible attempt at a southern accent? My friend told me that they are in Atlanta. I am still looking for a sign that verifies this. And what does the wife, Tasha, do for a living? AND WHAT THE FUCK DO THEIR KIDS LOOK LIKE?!!! Where living children not budgeted for? These invisible children are what is also making this a horrible show for me. They are always in the back room or hidden by a rickety double baby stroller. I am starting to belive that the kid scenario is slowing down the plot. They could have been married without children and then a pregnancy could have been written in later. Something, anything than what they are offering me.

*SCREAM* 15 minutes into the show and I still have no clue what the overall theme of this show is. Is it the engaged couple staying together… or is it that Kita is actually responsible? I have no clue what the tying theme is.

I can’t even laugh at Tichina Arnold. AND TICHINIA IS ALWAYS HILARIOUS!!! And…. I knew a girl whose aunt use to be a stripper and wound up being a minister. Oh LORD!!!! I am bored to tears. Nope…. I am bored to reincarnation. You know I am bored when I notice that Tasha’s roots are 1B and her ponytail is CLEARLY a 2.  Shoot me now…. not even Tichina can save this show. Yall, I zoned out so hard that I started answering emails. I forgot I was watching it on purpose…lmao! What is this, slow ass plot night for BET sitcoms? I’d rather watch Precious & For Colored Girls rape scenes with my eyelids taped open while being assaulted in the butt by the clown from the movie IT than to be put through another week of this hot mess!

YES!!!! *does somersault complete with a split* THE DAMN SHOW IS OVER!!!!

Overall Grade: Z-. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSE TO LEARN FROM THAT EPISODE?!!! It was pointless. I can’t get those 30 minutes of my life back. You can rob me, shot me in the forehead….but dont waste my motherfucking time!!!! DONT WASTE MY MOTHERFUCKIN TIME! Especially when I am trying to support you! So, was I suppose to learn to hate on a woman who came into my house and help me out? Was I suppose to learn that pre-marital counseling is pointless? WHAT THE FUCK WAS I SUPPOSE TO LEARN?! Oh lawd, hold me back! I want to rant for 30 minutes just so I can feel fucking productive.  I am seriously pissed that I watched that bullshit! Now I need to go and drink after that bullshit! Yes, BULLSHIIIIIIIT!

Dont even fucking ask me to comment on the preview for next week’s episode.Because I’m mad I’ll have to watch it just to blog about it.  *mumbles under breath and hits save*

P.S. Acting 101… play the truth and not the words. What is the intent of what you want to relay? Playing the words are making these people caracitures. I HATE IT! I want to see this show do well, but you’ve GOT to give me something to work with. People who are predicatable are boring as hell! Make the fiancee a doctor who is somewhat proper and geeky but isnt so far out of the loop that itisnt believable. Let her be able to sing opera and not soul. Let Kita…what does she do anyway? …let her be the hood sister but an educated and not the annoying one that you press mute on. There are Soooooooooooo many things that I could change. Just give me TRUTH!!! Not your interpretation of comedy. And Scene! (P.P.S. I’m not proof-reading this post)


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