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Let’s Stay Together: Simon Says

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Okay… I am praying that the only reason why you have missed the first two episodes of this show is because you actually have a life and not because you are upset that you missed it due to work or because you’re locked up in prison. Well.. if you missed anything… I consider you lucky… but if you must…..you can check out my recaps here:

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So…. the previews left everything to the imagination. Other than the fact that the plot is doing this eerie copy cat of  The Game…not much makes me want to watch it. I mean really… how creepy is it that the same week The Game has a girl trying to push up on Derwin, Let’s Stay Together has some mystery chick pushing up on the wife’s husband. Damn, what is that bitch’s name?!! Oh yeh, “the less important Tasha on this new show that I really don’t give a damn about but have a blast bashing it because inquiring minds want to know”. Do they have last names know this show? Hmmmmmm. Damn, the writers didn’t even care to give them last names. lmao!!! Okay, I digress. In all honesty, Ronreaco…whoever he plays…is a very handsome man…. but I would believe it more if the engaged guy…. what is his name?… were to be hit on. See.. I have all kinds of grammatical errors just trying to figure out who the hell they are. But okay… I’ll suffer through this. I told you.. they get 4 episodes out of me. My faith is smaller than a mustard seed people; try the size of a flea’s sperm.

Okay.. Misery loves company in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, #Shit!

Wait….. they’re in the bedroom AGAIN?! Is their relationship based solely on them having sex or the fiancée bribing her man with sex?I am already over this episode. I forgot how it opened. About to eat.. will write in retrospect rather than real-time…. this is some bullshit!

Okay…. Nicole Ari Parker just saved this episode. I picked back up just for her. This bald-headed dude looks so familiar… now after I get past the fact that two light skinned-ed people are married to each other, I might be able to figure out where I remember him from. Ummmm…. BALTIMORE!!! Took 3 episodes for me to find out where they are. Hmmmm…. Not working for me. They don’t have the Baltimore accents for that. TRUST ME!!! I live here, I know! I have a couple of vocal coaches who could have hooked that right the fuck up.

You do know that I am searching the house of the married couple for signs of the twins. NOTHING! I’m calling child protective services on this show too! lol. And the husband is a lawyer? I’m lost.  So he was gonna give up law to become a lounge singer? See, ever since we lost Johnnie… there is no hope!

Ummm… what the FUCK is Kita wearing! I know for a FACT that they don’t wear that shit up in Baltimore. If I see that outfit anywhere near 5 Seasons, I’m shooting on sight! WHERE IS THIS CHICK FROM WITH THIS TERRIBLE ACCENT?! They can’t be FROM Baltimore.

Did the fiancée WHAT IS HER FUCKING NAME!!! just get upset because she is boring? Did she really just pout? Adults don’t get upset about that, do they? I mean, she really just got upset because her friends are getting alongg with her husband. .. WAIT!!! DID THIS TRICK JUST TALK ABOUT HARPO & HIS JUKE JOINT?!! *cue Lawrence Fishburne* “Time to Go!” Please tell me that this random chick sitting behind Nicole on the couch has people coming to meet her at the club. Okay, I was more concerned with WHAT IS THE FIANCEE’S NAME!!! running up the stairs and slipping and the fact that Darryl’s pants were up in his ass than actually paying attention to the plot of the show.

FUDGE NAWL!!! Who is this discounted hoodrat that they picked to play the girl interested in Jamal?Can SOMEONE hit her back with either some Dark & Lovely and Clean & Clear? No, not the back of her neck…like her actual back!!! Like, spine, shoulder blades, all of these spots and hair. I know where they were trying to go with that scene between the wife and the law groupie with the hairy back but they missed some valuable opportunities.  *sigh* please bring back the overacting karaoke. Yall know damn well that the fiancée ( whatever her name is ) use to be a Pussycat Doll….so she can sing. I think it would have been funnier if she came out and could sing but couldn’t dance. They just turned her straight into a caricature. I keep trying to help them… but they just keep fucking with my overall intelligence and willing suspense of disbelief. Besides, they plugged Facebook…. *whispers* The Game had iPad…lmao!!!!

Oh lawd… another botched strip tease? I’m calling my congressman. But at least it is over.

My Take 2 Review: I give it a D. The acting is somewhat better, maybe because they had the guest actors on there to balance them out, but the writing is still horrible and the purpose of the show has yet to develop for me. Girlfriends was about a group of girlfriends, and hell Friends was about a group of friends. The Game is about…you guessed it, the game. I’m in agreement that Let’s Stay Together is about relationships… but between the prestige twins, the bad accent on Kita, and the constant sex scenes…. I’m not getting it. Really not. Okay, they get ONE MORE episode before I get ruthless…lol.


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