Let’s Stay Together….Filing for a Divorce

In Take 2: Film/TV Reviews on 20 January 2011 at 8:00 am

        Still can’t get enough of this mess? Wonder what happened last week, if you missed it? Well you didn’t miss much. I still can’t remember what happened without having to see it on my DVR. But you can read my critique from last week. Click Here: Let’s Stay Together…Or Not. Well 3.5 MILLION people ( I guess I was a part of this) managed to watch this second episode. They loss just shy of a MILLION viewers from their last week’s total of 4.4 Million viewers. America isn’t falling for it. You just don’t LOSE a Million people, you might see them in the distance, but you just don’t LOSE a MILLION people. And I say MILLION in my best Austin Powers’ voice possible. MILLION. lmao. But I digress….. back to the reason why we are all gathered here today.

        WHERE THE HELL DID THE TWINS COME FROM? I’m pretty sure that the last episode I thought that there was just a married couple who went out, never mentioned the kids, and almost seemed single. Was there not enough budget to inform us of invisible twins? Wait… did this negro just drink Gatorade for round two of sex?! hahahahah

        I’m so conflicted about this cast and the script that I am wondering should I even bother writing a critique past this week. I’m trying to be supportive in a ” nigga I shot your mama so you could have her life insurance” kind of way, but the writers need to help a sister out!!!! Give me something to critique! Why must the single couple always start the show off in their bedroom? Are they gonna have sex every episode? I really need to go in there and use my common sense and MFA to help them work on timing and over all execution.

       Okay, 20 minutes into the show and still no site of these children, but the storyline for which they were introduce is rubbing me the wrong way. Okay, so it is such a big deal to put the boy twin in a pink jumper. Okay, why can’t they compromise and put then in gender neutral colors like pea green, sea-foam, orange, or purple? Is this a huge thing for men? Or is it that you just cant put your boys in pink? Is Gay contagious? Oh lawd don’t get me started on this. THE BABY BOY WILL NOT TURN GAY FOR PUTTING ON A PINK JUMPER!!!! I’m offended. Yes, I’m sitting here watching and they better address his concerns properly. And….they didnt. Okay. They made this a communication problem and not a bigot issue. I should have known!!!

        My overall critique of this show: The coonery went down by a ton! It actually got too serious for what they set up as our first impression last week. I still have no clue what everyone’s name is. I think Jamal is the husband and Kita is the sister of the engaged man, but I have no clue what the doctor’s name is or her fiance. Wow… and I am sitting here watching the show and still cant remember anyone’s name. Yeh, character development still needs mega work. Like this last scene with the tired ass strip tease. I get it, but I don’t get it. Okay, Mo’Nique is on and I would rather watch this than write any more on this show…


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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