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        I am very much a , pardon the expression, “Fag Hag”. Yes, I simply adore the LBGT community. I don’t judge. And if you read my blog entry called “I’m Not A Lesbian, but I Played One in College”  (<~Click to read) then you would know just how close this subject is to my heart. I feel like I’m an honorary LBGT crusader. And I have tons of friends who are out, many who are not, and others who I think are but may not feel comfortable expressing that side of themselves to me because they may not know where I stand. Well, I stand on the side of understanding. I understand that we all have things about us that others may not like, but it shouldnt stop us from being who we are as long as it doesn’t harm us or others. There. That is my stance from now until eternity. Besides, what you do in your bed room is none of my business, just as what I do in mine is none of yours…..but I’m sure we’ll love each other just the same in the morning no matter what occurred behind close doors or on kitchen counters. Just let me know before I eat at your breakfast nook. Thanks.

        So, Biblical references to the side momentarily… yes I said put it to the side for a moment. Because if you lived by every word in that Bible you would still be a virgin. SO HUSH IT UP! You point at other people’s faults and I will point at yours. Yep, tit for bigot! Where was I? Oh yes, with all religious views to the side, let’s get to the core of this issue. Why are most people afraid of homosexual men. How odd how men don’t mind two lesbians going at it but something about the fiber of them cracks every time a homosexual man holds another man’s hand. Why is that? If they are not bothering you or trying to convert you ( against popular belief you can not be converted…unless you already wanted to be…lol) why is it any of your concern who they choose to love? I read in a medical article how the female body begins to attack the male fetus because it sees the testosterone as an outsider, or virus even, and begins to try to balance the high levels of testosterone with estrogen. This is extremely prevalent in women who have multiple sons. This raises the chances of the younger son being more feminine that the others. I think that could be true because our bodies have a way of protecting its self. So you know what they say, God doesn’t make mistakes. I know I said to leave the religion to the side, but I had to say it.

So, since many women are gay friendly, I had to ask my 200 men for their opinion. 200 men were asked:

Why do you think so many men are homophobic if they’re secure in their manhood? Please be RESPECTFUL when answering. I’m not asking you to judge the lifestyle but rather why men respond to the lifestyle so negatively. Thanks.

And some of the 200 responded with :

  1. Mr. Mayor**DARKSTARZ INC PREZ**: I think men have the same reasons [for being] homophobic [as] people [have for being] racist or fearful of most things… just a simple lack of understanding and no willingness to understand. Insecurity, I’m sure plays a major role
  2. Kenneth H: No real [man] likes homo. It is what it is. Sorry, I’m from the old school (,2Deep: So there were no gays in the old school? lol)
  3. Erik B: i don’t know. but i know for me, someone’s preference has nothing to do with my lifestyle. so i can’t speak for someone else.
  4. Truly Blessed with Love: Dont think its homophobic. I truly think that they aren’t secure in their manhood and I personally don’t need to [have] some gay man around me for a woman to say, “oh he’s secure about his manhood.”  if [you need] something like that to prove that you are then you really [weren’t as] secure
  5. Code Name Bigsexy: i feel like that lifestyle is pushed on straight people.in movies and in life.its made like straight people are the 1’s who are out the norm.i don’t like the fact that its public. as a father how do you tell your kids whats going on??
  6.  !: Because it’s a very taboo lifestyle, especially in the black community. Str8 men are that way b/c they don’t want women to think they are homo’s, which is bad for them and their love life….If you see a str8 man with a homo, you would be suspect too.
  8. DJ Urban Cowboy: People are always paranoid of the unknown. They are homophobic because they have not taken the time to understand the culture.
  9. Young fresh to D: that’s a good question. i think some men can’t handle homos in any form but everybody is different
  10. Jay S: they are really not homophobic. we just can’t deal with being hit on by another male
  11. Lost in my own mind: it is possible that it could be [the way] they were raised or brought up in [their] household. Mainly, i blame media because the media makes it seem as if you become friends with a person that possesses those qualities [then] you will become gay or end up doing [homo]sexual things
  12.  Trayvon S {Men Of Respect}: men are homophobic ’cause [the] world tells you that being gay is wrong. and people see a man talking to a gay man [and] thinks he is gay. so men that are straight [don’t] associate with them.  personally, i don’t care about some one being a homo,cause i love women
  13.  Live And Love or LAL: This goes against nature, and God himself. Man [was not built for] sexual activity with another man but with a woman. that’s why God gave us two different sex organs to compliment each other.
  14. Conscious 1: ooh lawd.  Well to answer you most recent question.  I think homophobia has been poorly defined by the portion of the gay community who has a political agenda.  One can’t want the right to express themselves and their lifestyle then block those who disagree with it.  They demonize their own existence by using the negative stigma of homosexual men and either stating a man who isn’t a homosexual has a phobia or is secretly gay.  A phobia is a fear.  A disagreement is not synonymous nor is it a measuring rod of ones manhood. 
  15. Bryan P: well to be real [some] guys are real homophobic because i think they have something to hide in [their] closet … and i would never judge [someone] over their choice of who they like …
  16. *~ MR SPONTANEOUS ~*!!PEACE!!: I don’t think a lot of guys are homophobic. a lot of guys become defensive if a gay guy tends to venture his way or try to hit on the straight guy. I have been hit on by a gay guy and i got mad because he [doesn’] know me, so don’t come at me like that……
  17.  Young ’84 T2G: people in general don’t like what they don’t understand. I can’t speak for every man but I don’t judge anyone for what they decide to be [with] or do. Most men I know though don’t understand how a man can be interested in another man.
  18. Aries Brotha: The fear that whatever makes homosexuals function will [be passed] on to them by touch, close proximity, or association. Fear is such a powerful weapon and the bible, media, and everything we read and write tells us/conditions us to believe it’s wrong.
  19.  Kip S: I will answer this as a non homophobic man. It is a pride thing. With excessive pride comes ignorance, which leads to the typical homophobic man. If we don’t understand it, we look at it as a disease.
  20.  ”DUKE” BANNER: they just don’t understand. they think [that] all gay men want them. but if you’re like me ,not gay,[you don’t] give them no reason to think that they can approach [you] in that way. no im not homophobic
  22.  Tony Raymond **Thank El Grego**: It’s an Abomination of the life. It [means they] cannot procreate which is part of our natural design by the creator. Any support of it is telling the father to go to hell.
  23. Nigi “Pistol Star” Pu Yi: Well Real Men Hate Folly n foolishness [and] Try 2 Line Up the Spirit With The Word… Then Also Sum Might Be Fakin N They Like Dat Foolishness But Dnt Wanna Be Judged.. It’s All Types Of Excuses Y!!..Anutha One Is It Might Touch On the Ego, Which No Man Likes
  24.  Steven C {{QB}}: The better question is …ask God why he Hates it so much? (2Deep: I asked, I didn’t get an answer back yet. I checked the Bible, too. Nothing in red ink stating this fact either. Next time you talk to Him, please tell him to call me so that I can be put on 3-way for this discussion. I’d appreciate it.)
  25.  …….: Maybe they vehemently disagree with it

And my favorite response came down to:

  • Horace J: Phobic/phobia in simple terms “a fear of; a desire to avoid”… I don’t believe men have a fear of male homosexuals the latter part of the simple def “a desire to avoid activities”, yes. It deals with a vulnerable state we only express with. women.

        I felt almost as if I had to respond to some of these remarks. Kenneth H said that ” no real man likes a homo”. SO based on the definition of homo, which means same or of likeness, he is saying that no real man likes the same. The same what? The same person who loves the same way he does? Someone who has the same philosophies as he does? I have this haiku that I wrote that says:

I wish you were gay

So you can take it like a

Man, you punk ass bitch

        Everyone rolls into laughter when I say that poem. But I honestly think that it takes a REAL man to go against the grain of what everyone else thinks he should do just so that he can remain true to himself at all times. And if that requires him to love another man….then you have my full support and my understanding. Because I understand what it can do for you to morph to try to please everyone else. It’s not healthy. If its wrong, then it is wrong. No one will be cleared of all of their sins unless asked to be forgiven on their death beds. So while here on earth. I accept everyone for their faults. If they tithe, if they love thy neighbor, if they don’t kill or steal, or covet their neighbors… I’m pretty sure that they are on the right track and the rest of us are sinning by having sex PERIOD! It doesn’t matter who you have sex with, the sin is sex before marriage. End of story. So… that explanation is also my response to Live and Love or LAL. I’m doing what your screen name says I should do. I am living my life and I am loving everyone, even those who are not like me. Or does your name not apply to the homosexual community? Not an attack… just wondering. And yes, God gave us organs to compliment one another….please spread the word to your STRAIGHT brothers who enjoy engaging in anal sex with a woman. Or does that not constitute as a complimentary entrance? Does oral sex count as a complimentary entrance….or should we just stick to missionary? And based on what Steven C {{QB}} said, I just have to shake my head. How quick black men are to forget that not even a full 2 centuries ago slavery ended, and even during the civil rights and still today there are Klu Klux Klan members shouting that God made the white man ruler over all other races. They used the Bible to control those that they were afraid of and a culture that they didn’t understand. Are we REALLY gonna use the same backdoor pew hatred? And even if there were documented proof that God said, which would be signified by red ink, that homosexuality is wrong it still wouldn’t be right to condemn one sin by being hateful and breaking other laws of God at the same time.I started this topic just because I was curious, but now I am saddened at the divide amongst humans.  I understand the connection to the church, I do and I love the Lord….he created us all and I believe that my role is to love EVERYONE. If I live my life according to his will and set an example for others, then they will come to God and HE will be the one to make any changes that he sees fit ( if any at all are needed). I think we as human beings have taken on God’s role far too much and have in turn tarnished his name by doing unjust things in it. I cannot and will not pass judgement (throw stones) or hate in JEsus’ name just because one minister quoted a verse in the Bible that he takes to be condemning homosexuality. Again, I will love, preach the word without judgement and people will come to know that God is a loving God and feel more welcome in His house. I have faith that God is still God and he can do more than I ever could, therefore I will continue to love and promote his word without hate, judgement or condemning actions. That’s my truth, and I’m sticking to it.

          Code Name Big Sexy says that he feels that the gay lifestyle is pushed on straight people, but I feel it is the other way around. I think that since people THINK that heterosexuals are the majority and are the right way to be heterosexuals push our lifestyle on to homosexuals. People are losing jobs, can’t protect our country or serve in our churches because we are pushing our sexual ideals on to them. A heterosexual isn’t losing their job because they didn’t turn gay. A heterosexual isn’t getting chained up to fences in Wyoming because they didn’t turn gay. (R.I.P Matthew). And yet heterosexuals feel as if the homosexuals are forcing themselves into our way of thinking? They are merely asking to be accepted as humans and treated fairly. And as a father, you should want your child to know that there are people who are different from you and them, but do so in a way to explain how your morals are set  up and not to teach hate. This form of communication will also open the window for your children to feel they can come talk to you when they have questions. It is a dialogue.  And that leads me to Jay S. Honey, you are a nice looking man, I agree, but every gay man does not want you nor will they hit on you. I GUARANTEE you that one of my gay friends could kick it with you and you would never know he was gay and never once would he hit on you because you are not his type. We have to get away from the stereotype that all gay men hit on every straight man. That is the HUGEST fallacy in the world! They are human. They like football, they look like some of your homeboys. All gay men are not feminine and switch their hips. So let’s get that out of our heads. Unless you want them to hit on you, then I support you too ( JUST KIDDING!!!).

        I think that the culture has to change in order for everyone to feel comfortable to be themselves. We have to change the way we think. They once thought that the earth was flat, the sun revolved around us, and that Tupac was dead, and we all know the truth now…don’t we? We have to have open minds to learn what is different from us. It is about respect, acceptance, and community. Gay is just a label that a label-giving society gave a group of people. How ironic that gay means happy.  I wonder what it would be like if we all could be happy just the same. Because from where I sit, we’re just scared of the unknown… and I don’t want to associate with a bunch of scaredy cats; No Homo(sapien). lol.

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~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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  2. i added your blog to my stumbleupon account.also i emailed this post of yours to a couple of friends of mine.

  3. A friend of mine shared your page with me, which I initially started reading only coz he sent me and I knew he would ask me if I read and may ask for my opinion. So I started rather reluctantly, as I continued to read further, I kept wondering what the hell did he find so interesting to send me over. Particularly, where you showed straight’s opinion about gays. It sounded somewhat insulting to me, to ask them what they think of us. When they don’t feel for us why should be bother to know what they think of us. Besides, it is not a question of being straight or gay, it is simply a question of being sane and insane. People who are sane (straight or gay) will always respect themselves and thereby respect others too. While, those who are insane (straight or gay) will neither respect themselves nor others.

    But anyways, it was your post comment thing that instigated my interest and prompted me to write back. Specially, the part where you some what explained things from religious (Christian) point of view. I thought to share my personal religious belief (Islam) about homosexuality. I think God has clearly acknowledged creation or presence of gays as a form of diversity and perhaps as an equilibrium in the society too. Though a lot can be written about how important role Homosexuals play in maintaining a delicate social and ecological balance. I would rather focus my comment to only sexuality or sexual behaviours from a religious perspective. In Islam all sorts of illegitimate sex is declared as a great sin, whether gay or straight. Since, majority of mankind has always been and shall always be straight, therefore their legitimacy criteria has been clearly defined and that is a social bond in the form of marriage. Where, the couple declares themselves to the society as husband and wife (or even as girl or boy friend too). As long as there is a social declaration, the sexual relation is deemed to be legitimate. While all those extra marital affairs or sexual relations that are kept secretly are considered illegitimate. I am only sticking to the basic definition here and intentionally avoiding details.

    But when it comes to homosexuals, Islam has a different approach, because homosexuals are different from straights. Here, it asks them to keep their sexual relations a secret. It categorically forbids all sorts of exhibitionism. It expects homos to live a normal social life and keep their appearance and acts as other straight men or women. Socially , they are supposed to look and act as God has created them, i.e. according to the bodies given to them, male or a female. They are not suppose to go against the nature by changing what nature has given them, just as they are not supposed or asked to change their sexuality what nature has given them. They have even been promised to be rewarded for their good deeds in the life after death according to their sexuality (again something not clearly mentioned in the holy book but conveyed between the lines). While straight men are promised beautiful women as their wives, gays are promised handsome men as their partners.

    As I said earlier, its not a question of being gay or straight but simply a question of being sane or insane, being good or a bad human. A good human would always wish to stay with one partner, their relations will always be based upon love and mutual respect. And such humans don’t have any social problems regardless of their sexuality. But bad humans would go every where, their relations shall only be based on lust that never ends. They will be looking for only bodies and change their partners every day or perhaps more than that. Nature can never offer respect to such people. Because respect is what we earn and not something that’s granted. But such people would always cry and complaint to the whole world for not respecting them.

    • WOW!!!!!!! RAZA!!!! Thanks You!

      I see your point about how it could become insulting, the post. But I wanted to ask the question just to start a public forum and possibly get them to understand a different side of the spectrum. We will never have change if we do not create a forum for change. So I hope that you know that my intentions were to educate both gays and straights about the fears and concerns of those who simply do not understand. I was once told, “You are not afraid of heights, you are merely afraid of falling.” And once I sat back and looked at the logic I had to admit to myself that the fact was indeed true. I can go to a tall building and live on the highest floor but my fear would be to fall from such a tall height. So using that same logic, if men can hear where their true fear lies, they may have the opportunity to come face to face with it and address it.

      I thank you very much for your view from a religious standpoint. I never knew that about the Islamic faith and homosexuals. Being non-Islamic, I have only heard about the beautiful wives but never the handsome men once they leave earth. This is new to me and one of the reasons why I wrote this blog…..we ALL need to be educated, gay friendly or not. We all need to become “sane” and learn to seek understanding of the unknown. Because it is the unknown that we fear, yet most fear the fact that they dont know. Rather cyclical but cureable.

      Again, I thank you for your explanation and I pray that you were not offended by my blog. If so, I look forward to hearing ways that I may write to be pleasing to my LBGT brothers and sisters as not to offend. I am open to learn as currently I can only write from the view point of a African American female. So, teach….and I will be sure to pass it along. Shukran!

      • Thanks for your quick response.
        Well, I wrote to you with the belief that your intentions were right. And therefore, made my comments openly about what appeared insulting to me. I know and feel that you don’t intend to insult any one, I didn’t feel insulted either. But, still made a comment, based on my understanding that nothing more can be insulting for a human than comparing himself with any other human. True nobility is not in being superior to some other man but in being superior to your own previous self.
        If one is born as black, he is not supposed to ask a white of how and what he feels about a black. Because it is not what they feel for us, but it is only what we feel for ourselves.
        Just as one does not have a choice to born as white or black, similarly one does not have a choice about being born as straight or gay. We are not going to be judged by how we were born. Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but, we are responsible for who we become. I therefore do not consider this a question of sexuality or being gay or straight. But only a question of being good or bad. We cannot give any one the right to judge us, because they don’t have it. The right of judgment only lies with God or ourselves. When an individual learns to be his own judge, he gets too busy looking inside. But people who are not their own judge, have all the time to look outside and waste all their lives in trying to judge others.
        As for the fear, yes, people are not afraid of heights but afraid of falling. But this doesn’t stop here. Fear is not some thing external, but only internal. This is a feeling based upon our thoughts, what we think is how we feel. When we can’t seem to understand something, we feel afraid. Then we only try to associate our internal fears with some thing external, objects, people or situations. Because, people find it easier to look out side than to look inside, blaming others is lot easier. When we feel afraid of something, we focus our thoughts and feelings onto that object and loose sight of what is inside and around us. This is what animals do, who react according to their instincts, by trying to look bigger than their actual size. But humans are supposed to react according to their intuition, which is all inside. They understand what and how to think – they dive deep enough to let their thoughts liberate their feelings to enable their feelings to lead their thoughts. When an individual enables himself to liberate his feelings, he is no more afraid of any thing out side. He is then able to judge and place himself accurately, according to his real size. This judgment is indeed God’s judgment too. In other words, you become your own God, of course, metaphorically.
        We can’t motivate or make people understand. If people could be motivated, there would be no obesity. As a reformer or as a leader, your job is only to try to remove obstacles. It is better to understand than it is to be understood. We are supposed to reveal our understanding and beliefs, without prejudice and bias. We don’t have to prove them wrong to prove ourselves right. We are not good because they are bad, we are good because we are better, better than our own selves.
        People only see what they look for, they only look for what they need, what they need is what they feel, what they feel is how they think, how they think is what they understand, what they understand is how they see, how they see is what they are, what they are is how they look, how they look is what they look for, what they look for is what they get.

        But what they get is not what they need, what they don’t need is what they don’t feel, what they don’t feel is what they don’t think, what they don’t think is what they don’t understand, what they don’t understand is what they don’t see, what they don’t see is what they don’t look for, what they don’t look for is what they don’t get.

        This is what causes failure, repeatedly and this repeated failure causes fear.

        • I hear your points and agree with them to some extent. Where I seperate with you is in the asking of someone who is unlike myself. I am black and often times I have asked a white person what were their thoughts of me. Asking this question, and others, gave me an insight into how person who are very unlike myself perceive my actions. This was not a cue for me to change, but to spark a conversation with people who share the same world in which I live. I did not impose my ideals onto them and expect them to understand. But often times ideals are forced upon me. Like when a white woman, a stranger, decides she wants to run her fingers through my hair without my permission. THAT is offensive to me. A simple request to touch would have been appropriate and my explanation as to why I decline would be respectful.

          All of this to say, if we live within our own individual bubbles we will continue to destroy both ourselves and the world we live in. It isnt until you ask that you begin to see why things are perceived to be the way that they are. Perception is the root of all evil ( despite what my Bible says). Perception has allowed fear to run rampid, has allowed people to seperate from one another, and has allowed ideals to remain unshared. For me to ask a straight male how he feels about a homosexual was intended for me to hear it, place it in a respectful forum and dissect some of the perceived fallacies. Because majority of the time the perceptions are spewed during moments of hatred. What harm could come from hearing someone’s fears in a moment of rest? This is an opportunity for BOTH sides to take the other’s view point, and if nothing else, hear it. For instance, if a straight man who has never been hit on my a gay man hears another straight man say that he has….then that becomes a fear. I then would address that not all gay men walk up to straight men and hit on them, some do, but not all, and to give him a respectful way to decline. It also becomes and opportunity for the gay community to hear that fear and to address its members about approaching a man who may or may not be gay/bi outside of their own social gatherings because that action sparks fear.

          I see this as an oppotunity to speak. Fears remain inside because we wont let them out. It is time to let the fears out in a productive manner. These 200 men could have said far worse things than what they said, but they respected my wish ( to some extent) to remain respectful about an issue that would usualy bring forth such rage. Just as in my confusion to understand the concept of a Stud, I ask lesbians for their explanation. Doesnt mean that I will agree, but at least I can hear and know how to appropriately address them and their ideals should I so choose. And it will always be respectful no matter my opposition. As a woman, I now heard the fears directly from a few men. I now know how to tread when dealing with their fears. It is a civil rights movement that is moving in the wrong direction if you have no intention of speaking to the persons causing civil injustice. Dont yell at me, talk to me and then yell with me. I love you, Raza, and I respect your willingness to converse with me as it is greatly appreciated.

      • Thanks for your kind response.

        Let me explain, whereas, I do agree to your objective and purpose of asking them of what they feel about us. However, my approach is somewhat different from yours.

        I would begin to respond by reproducing what you said at the end “These 200 men could have said far worse things than what they said, but they respected my wish (to some extent) to remain respectful about an issue that would usually bring forth such rage”.

        So despite asking them, you (we) are not sure whether it was their honest and real opinion or was it doctored or sugar coated according to your wish. Even if we don’t question their intention, and assume they only said what they wanted to. I would still differ, for my belief is that what you listen to is truth but what you tell is the reality. You can’t be sure, what they say is what they believe, but you are absolutely sure that what you say is what you believe. Therefore instead of asking them, I would prefer to start by telling what I feel and think for them. Instead of truth, I would prefer to begin with reality. It’s only my reality that will bring out their truth, and make them real too. People generally comment for the sake of comment, they have no clue what it is about. So you need to give them a clue and lead, see this is how I feel for you being homosexual. We need to shake people’s head to bring out their real opinion, otherwise it will be from the top of their heads, having no real value.

        Knowledge of the self is mother of all the knowledge. When you know yourself, you don’t start by asking but by telling. Starting a conversation through questions is never healthy or open. Instead of focusing on your question and answering you accordingly, people get skeptic as to why they are being asked. So they loose their focus and consume most of their energy in thinking of the question behind that question.

        You won’t get any one bring out their fears just by asking. You start by telling how you used to feel (or still feel), so that they can relate their fears with yours and identify them. Most of the people don’t even identify their fears, let alone you expect them to bring them out. So your prime responsibility is to help them identify their fears and for that you need to volunteer yourself.

        But we can always agree to disagree!!!

  4. For the most part I am fed up with anti-christian gays and anti-gay christians. I have little to do with either environment because of the constant bickering, hate, attitude…

    got better things to do with my time. for those who wish to fight back with a bible against the anti-gay church, email the passages they bash you with and I’ll give you the way to defend yourself.


  5. If you aren’t gay and hating it there’s no reason to fear it.

    • People fear what they dont understand and hate that they fear something because they always want to be in control. It has nothing to do specifically with being gay or hating gays. The theory just applies.

  6. Someone wrote me about this & said:
    Girl, this subject is very near and dear to my heart. I find myself fighting hard for this group of people all the time. Of course I live down here in the bible belt and the hypocrisy and hatred is abundant. It is amazing how many people go to church 5 days a week around here and then spew hatred. It confuses my senses. How can you hear that God loved everyone, and then walk out and start actively hating a group of peolple. One of my coworkers actually sent me an email asking me to boycott Target because they supported/hosted some Gay/Lesbian/Transgender event. This is someone who swears she and Jesus are road dogs. When I preach acceptance and tolerance, I always get some bible verse thrown at me and the side eye.

    On another note I think that there is definitly a double standard. If I have a threesome with a guy and another girl i am not considered a lesbian. If a guy does the same but with a girl and another guy, then he is def considered gay. It sounds crazy but if i ever found out that my husband had a threesome that included another man, i would be filing them papers bc i would be giving him the side eye. I guess I feel like women are more sexually fluid. What I mean is that I can see what men find attractive about women. I have never looked at a girl and been like damn, or had that feeling that I have when a fine ass man enters the room. I also do not ever see myself going one on one with a girl, but I cant say that the experience that I had in the past was bad either.

  7. The APA tested homopobia… They found that those who were the most homophobic were the ones most aroused by homosexual pornography… In essence, they are themselves gay, hate themselves, can’t face it even though they want it and blame the outside source for their feelings of arousal rather than their own hearts. It’s the same kinda thing that keeps women covered from head to toe in some cultures… Those men lack the capacity to take responsibility for their own feelings/desires. They are immature.

    I have defended many people using the bible that was used against them. Send me a passage of scripture that has be used against you and I can give you a response to defend yourself with what they bible has to say.


    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so know that I respect yours but disagree. I know men who are 100 % straight and would NEVER be turned on by homosexual activities. THIS HAS GOT TO STOP!!! This back and forth. It is point blank what some are taught as right and wrong. Religion teaches people that it is wrong and they would rather die than go against their core system… which is understandable because I wont let go of mine. As far as other religions, the principle is not on men controlling themselves but to hold women as a virtous creature who should be preserved for her husband. I wish America would grasp that concept. So please dont pass misjudgment on other religions to prove a point. I wont allow people to bash the LBGT community so I cannot and will not allow for other religions to be judged. We have differences of opinion. That is fine, but we must do so respectfully and without inappropriate information. No assumptions allowed. Just hard evidence and facts.

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