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Let’s Stay Together…or NOT!

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         I WILL NOT CALL THIS COONERY!!! I WILL NOT CALL THIS COONERY!!! Okay, I lied… what the hell was up with this coonery? I’m blown. The commercials hyped it up so much and I was highly disappointed. I think that the characters need to pull out one of Palin’s guns and aim them directly at the writing department. Then turn them on themselves.

        Character development: First off, it was hard for me to remember who the married couple was and who the engaged couple was. Right off the bat the engaged chick is walking from another room talking about how good the sex her and her fully dressed fiance just had… I think…moments before. Umm, 1. What were you doing coming from another room dancing? 2. You used the Kamasutra book, right? 3. It couldn’t have been that good if you both were dressed and you were able to use both legs willingly to dance in from another room. Woman, you should have been knocked out and discussing what happened LAST night when you woke up the next morning. Secondly…..Can we have a couple on modern TV that is yet to get married who has NOT moved in with one another? Am I too archaic with this thought process? I honestly thought I was watching two married couples thinking what the hell was the sister doing there.

        Writing: Ummmmm, the jury is still out on whether or not I can classify this as writing. Refer back to character development. Is it a curse to properly establish who the hell I’m watching before bombarding me with this horrible malay of word choices and scenarios. What does the husband do again that he has to work at night, can wear a suit, and can take off when he feels like it because he wants to pursue his lounge act?  And the sister….no. I don’t care HOW GHETTO they wanted to make her, aint no way in hell you can get a sister to rat out her brother to his fiancée!!! Aint no way! That was a perfect opportunity for the married sister, Tasha ( I ONLY remember because The Game just went off and Tasha Mack is my girl…but can we pick some other African Names?) …shit.. lost my train of thought. Oh.. that was a perfect opportunity for Tasha to have a scene at the house trying to figure out what the ghetto sister wouldn’t tell her about the ring. Everything was redundant and obvious. I also don’t know any BLACK man who would be so calm about his girl turning in a ring he gave her under ANY circumstance. I think the writing doesn’t match the comedic acting choices. The writing is too serious for the light-hearted movement and tones that the actors are using.

Acting: Hmmmm… the cast. I still don’t know if I can say that this was a good fit. I am, however, just happy and counting my blessing that different actors are employed in Hollywood. But other than that….WTF! As a person who has degrees in Theatre, it was like punching me in the face with all of this mockery of my art. The lounge scene was so over the top that I swear I saw Jesus chilling in the background. There was a way to be genuine with that scene and still suck. Like if they thought they were good but really sucked it would have been more believable. Like I said, the writing didn’t match the acting choices. Other than Tasha, I don’t remember anyone’s names…but I do remember the engaged female is a doctor only because of the threat she gave. And the single sister…. please take away her accent. Please!

Overall Opinion: This show has a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG way to go to grab our attention. I think that they may have lost some of The Game’s residual following with this horrible opening. I don’t even know how you could come back from this since everything is all ready filmed. This is evident in the fact that The Game was the buzz topic last night and everyone went silent as Let’s Stay Together came on. I’m gonna pledge now to give it 4 Episodes of faith before I rip into it like a rapist to a jogger dumb enough to run in the dark at 4am.

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