P90X Journey: Day 19

In P90X Journey on 6 November 2010 at 11:57 am


Okay… My Day 19 was DONE by 7:04 am EST! Yes, I got up this morning and decided that I was going to workout at 6am and be finished for the day. I know I have been doing doubles lately, but if I only do P90X for the day, that is still apart of the program. I noticed that If I worked out to another program in the morning and then got too busy in the evening, I could run the risk of missing a workout day. I also wanted to see if results would change if I worked P90X in the morning…if possible.  So, I put my money where my mouth was and I got up and did Legs & Back this morning. I didnt do Ab Ripper X because it was time for me to get ready for work, but the hardest part was out of the way. Now I can have a nice relaxed day….go see For Colored Girls after work…and come home and nap if I want. Then when I wake up…I can do another workout or finish with only Ab Ripper X. I like the feel of that.

I am proud that I made it this far. I cant remember the last time I worked out this many consecutive days. Day 30 is almost here and I can taste it! Sorry for the fat girl analogy. I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a few pieces of candy and Pistacios for a snack….but I have no clue what I want for lunch. I am thinking of a HUGE ass salad that will give me the -itis in mid day!!!!

Well… not much else to talk about. I feel fine, proud of myself, feeling beautiful and fit…..so….here are my results!

Legs & Back:

Balance Lunges: 15 (lt), 15 (t)

Calf Raise Squats: 25 (ft), 25 (rt) w/o weights

Reverse Grip Chin-ups: 12 (w/ bar & chair; 20% weight on legs)

Super Skater: 25 each

Wall Squat: The full time

Wide Front Pull-ups: 12 ( w/ bar and chair)

Step Back Lunge: 14 each side ( no weights)

Alternating Side Lunges: 11 each side (no weights)

Closed Grip Overhead Pull-ups: 20 (Heavy Resistance Bands)

Single Leg Wall Squat: 1 minute ( did regular squats)

Dead Lift Squat: 20 (rt) 15(lt)

Switch Grip Pull-ups: 20 (Heavy Resistance bands, standing)

3 Way Lunges: 5 rounds each side

Sneaky Lunges: 20 ( became light-headed)

Reverse Grip Chin-ups: 20 (Heavy Resistance Bands, standing)

Chair Salutations: full time

Toe-Roll Iso Lunge: 20 each side

Wide Front Pull-ups: 20 (Heavy Resistance Bands, standing)

Groucho Walk: Full time

Calf Raises: Full time

Closed Grip Overhead Pull-ups: 20 (Heavy Resistance Bands, standing)

80-20 Siebers Speed Squats: 30 all /each (knees starting to click …think cartiledge)

Switch Grip: 20 ( 10 each direction)

I didnt workout any more when I got home and it felt goo to just relax. Working out in the morning does have its benefits!


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

  1. great article. P90x Rocks

    • Thanks! I dont see too much of the SHOCKING improvements promised in the informercials… but I do notice some improvements and I am sticking with it. Thanks for reading.

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