P90X Journey: Day 11

In P90X Journey on 28 October 2010 at 10:34 pm


28 Oct 10

In Short…. FUCK P90X and Day 11… I hate Yoga. I am going through too much emotional stuff right now. I got up and did 30 minutes and just had to stop…like seriously, melt down in th emiddle of my living room floor, rocking back and forth while in tears, kind of stop. I cant do this today. I tried to push through it…but I cant. I’m unstable today. Try again tomorrow.

  1. Hey hey now! You keep pushin. 30 minutes is 30 minutes more than nothing. Okay, you don’t know me from jack, but I have been reading your blog( you are an amazing writer, btw) , I am in the NOVA area, and I am on the SAME day of p90x as you. Bout to do yoga now…. But I felt compelled to comment, because I do feel your pain. I am a bit older than you, but have been through some of same shit. Hell, still trying to get through some of it…lol. It’s hard. It’s gets the best of you sometimes. But in the end, you always have You. Choose You. Lots of love comin’ at ya girl.

    • WOW!!!! Thanks sooooo very much for the love and support. Coming from a complete stranger does have its impact. I plan on sticking with it. I have already seen some results and I will post them on my blog later today. (Day 13). God bless! & Keep me posted!!!

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