P90X Journey: Day 6

In P90X Journey on 23 October 2010 at 10:12 pm


23 October 10

Today I have been on an emotional roller coaster.

Oddly enough, instead of turning to food, I had the urge to want to walk it off or go to the gym. I felt good about that. I have only eaten once today ( nachos at the movies…bad? I know!) and even though it is not good it is a break in my habit.  So here is is…7:00 pm and I am going to work out at 8pm. I think that I will look forward to it and make sure that I can get through the entire workout rather than let my emotions get the best of me. Will write an update after I work out. Day 6…..a testament that I kept to my word for 6 days in a row. That feels very good to me.

 10:09pm (Pedometer reads 13364 steps for today so far)

I just finished Kenpo X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have gone 6 Days in a row of working out. I was actually looking forward to working out. I FEEL GREAT!!! I didn’t let my problems stop me from a goal. I got up and I kissed ass!!! I did EVERY single move. I didn’t do the first rep of each move just so I could see what it was…but other than that… (Forrest Gump voice) I was MOVING!!!…lmbo!

I kicked the crap out of my problems. It was just me, Tony Horton and my determination to succeed. I don’t feel down like I did before I started. I felt like I was in a rut…and I think it was my csub-onscience trying to get me not to workout, but I over came it. I learned the lesson of fitness, not food when mad. This comforted me now, and it will comfort me through fitness success later. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

I only took water breaks during the break but I picked back up on the jump ropes, jumping jacks and Jump X every single time!!! I was doing Jumping jacks at the same speed they were and not the fat girl hops. This feelsamazing!!!! I feel like I am rambling…. and I probably am…but screw you I am proud of my fitness. I think that after all of the hours I wallowed in my unhealthy behaviors.. .I think I deserve a minimum of 90 days to celebrate my success in fitness. I love this so much that tomorrow will NOT be a rest day… I am going to do the Stretch X.

I am noticing that my right hip/lower back still feels tight at the beginning of workouts, but as the workout goes on it tends to go away or it begins to allow me to sink deeper into my stretches. Like I said before, my jumping jacks don’t feel so horrible, and my kicks are becoming more stable. My weakness still lies in my upper body strength and leg power/stability when in squats or bends. I am also still not flexible with leg stretches. I say this now….and add a huge YET!

Instead of me thinking about how I have 84 days left… I’m going to say that I finished 6 days…. I have another 6 to go. I’ve never done more than a week of fitness in a row. Not only is Belize, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and ISla Roatan my motivation…neither is my looming 30th birthday…but the REST OF MY LIFE!!! I let me 20s slip through my hands by being obese. It is time for me to live. I DID THIS TO MYSELF AND IT IS NO TIME FOR ME TO UNDO THIS TO MYSELF!!!!

WHo would have known that I would workout for an hour a day? Whatever has changed in me ( probably my mind state) I am happy. It is making me unstable in other areas of my life…lol..because I am afraid that I will fail or afraid of what being fit will bring to my life….but I will work on that part when it gets here. Today…today I am happy! And much like my Live Now Fitness T-shirt says… Train Hard, Or Go Home! Thankfully I am already in my home….lol… but I am still training hard. I have also learned that pain does not mean you are working hard… it could mean that you are working incorrectly. I am only sore for a few hours when I wake up in the morning and the stiffness disappears as the day goes on. It doesn’t mean that I have not worked out like I was supposed to, the sweat pouring in crevices that I think God forgot he created is evidence enough that I am stepping outside of my comfort zone and working it out.

Enough of my victory. What was your victory today?


~*My Mother’s Daughter*~

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